Bago Duffle Bag Review

The Bago Duffle Bag is an interesting take on the traditional duffle bag design.  Most people don’t need to use a duffle bag all the time and will find they take up space when not in use, or they end up getting damaged by being bent out... Read more

HP F520G in Car Dash Camera

The HP F520G in car dash camera is one of the more expensive dash cams available. It’s a compact little unit with a large screen on the back which isn’t a touch screen.  Instead the manufacturer has opted for a row of buttons under... Read more

Bago Travel Packing Cubes

The idea of the Bago travel packing cubes, bags to put inside bags, may not seem like it would actually be of use. However, this simple idea is actually very helpful! Bago have created a travel cube set containing a number of different packing... Read more

Mini 0805 Car Camera Review

The Mini 0805 in car camera is a small little unit with a cylindrical design. Interestingly it came with a GPS data logger as an additional extra, a separate module that plugs in the top of the Mini 0805. There is a tiny 1.5″ LCD screen... Read more

Crosskase Eighty 6 Bag Review

The Crosskase Eighty 6 bag, is a nice looking bag for carrying around a lot of useful kit. Crosskase have designed the bag to have multiple carrying options, there is a handle on the top and the side for carrying it portrait or landscape, a... Read more

booq Boa Nerve Stealth Bag Review

The booq Boa Nerve Stealth bag has been designed for those on the go who need a high quality bag to protect both high tech items such as laptops/tablets and low tech items such as paperwork is a must. The bag is made to be water resistant... Read more

VuPoint Mini Photo Printer Review

Printed photos are less common these days, most people just upload them and share them online. VuPoint have decided to challenge this by bringing back the Polaroid style instant photo printing ability for modern mobiles. In terms of design... Read more

Huawei E5730 Mobile WiFi Review

The Huawei E5730 is a good looking little box to help you on your travels.  With so many gadgets being internet enabled these days it’s easy to feel cut off when your head abroad and don’t have access to your usual WiFi hotspots... Read more

DB Power HD in Car Camera

The DB Power in car camera is a good looking little car camera. It’s got a compact design with the HD camera on the front, a small 2.7″ screen on the back, control buttons either side, plus AV/HDMI out ports on the top. On the... Read more