Dodocool World Travel Adapter Review

Travel adapters are one of those must take items that usually occupy much needed space in your suitcase. Dodocool have come up with a smart idea to overcome this by making several adapters in one. The Dodocool Travel Adapter has a plastic body... Read more

Dodocool Grid It Review

The Dodocool Grid It is a simple, but brilliant idea. Described by Dodocool as an ‘Accessory Organizer’, the Grid It is best described as a pad, about A4 sized, crisscrossed with elasticated bands of various thicknesses. The result... Read more

TomTom Go 5000 Review

TomTom Go 5000 represents one of the newest models in the revamped TomTom range.  Compared to older models (e.g. the TomTom Go 530) it’s a huge upgrade, from the interface to the time taken to calculate routes. The new TomTom range all... Read more

I Amsterdam City Card Review

          The I Amsterdam city card offers loads of inspiration if you’re looking to explore the cultural side of Amsterdam and are not sure where to start.  It’s simple to use and will have easily paid for... Read more