The Colonists Review

The Colonists have finally landed in the best not-Settlers-Settlers game in years. For those of you old enough to remember The Settlers, played by this reviewer on an Amiga, you’ll remember it did an amazing job of making being efficient a fun... Read more

Inner Demon: Sole Trader Review

Inner Demon: Sole Trader is a fun new online puzzle game designed to be just frustrating enough to have that ‘just one more go…’ factor.  You play a demon who needs to possess humans and take them to the level exit... Read more

EC TECHNOLOGY 2400 DPI Gaming Mouse Review

The humble mouse is easy to overlook in a PC setup, for example I’ve used a low cost Microsoft mouse for years, it did everything I needed, had back and forward buttons on it, and was OK to use for long periods of time. However for very... Read more

Godus Beta Review

Godus is live! For those people paying for early access you’re now able to play the much anticipated Godus via Steam Early Access: Having spent a morning getting to grips with the game it’s... Read more

Simcity 2013 review

Like many others I was excited to play the newest installment of Simcity, having loved the earlier games since my Amiga 500 version. Lets start with the biggest issue at launch: Online connection. When I tried to play Simcity I couldn’t... Read more

SimCity 2013 Beta Review

SimCity is a classic.  Played for hours on an Amiga 1200, it was the game that got me hooked on building games.  There has been a lot online recently about the newest incarnation of SimCity and I’ve been lucky enough to be selected for... Read more

SPAZ Review

As enjoyable as FTL is, it was a little too simple and Space Pirates And Zombies, or SPAZ as it’s better known, was quickly installed to try and satisfy the need for a little more meat from a space SIM.   The developers describe the... Read more

FTL: Fater Than Light Review

FTL is a simple, but enjoyable, part turn based, part real time, space sim.  Unlike most games that show you an external view of your ship FTL is based on the internal view of your ship.  You can see the crew at work and assign them to... Read more

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion Review

{rating} Many moons ago there was an amazing game that kept me coming back to my Amiga 1200, that game was K240.  Build up your asteroid, create ships, and take over other asteroids.  It was brilliant, had fantastic replay value and was a game... Read more