Blue Microphones Yeti Review

As someone who creates video reviews it became clear I needed to do something about the audio quality as my current camcorder didn’t support an external microphone and the internal mic was fairly poor, adding a hiss to all audio recorded.  The... Read more

FSL Zinc Zn30 Review

The FSL Zinc Zn30 headphones are low cost wired headphones that give you a lot for a low price tag.  You can pick from 4 different colours: bronze, metallic blue, gunmetal grey and metallic red.  Testing the metallic blue option these look... Read more

Mini Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Mini Bluetooth speaker is impressively loud for the low price tag.  However the low price tag does mean you’ll be missing a few features. However, before talking about what’s missing let’s cover what you get with the Mini... Read more

Cambridge Minx Go Review

The Minx Go is a small travel speaker by Cambridge Audio.  I’m a fan of Cambridge Audio kit having already purchased from the Minx range for my surround sound. I’ve been looking for a decent, low cost, bluetooth travel speaker for... Read more