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JAM Tune In HX-EPC202BL Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – Blue, Blue

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Top features:- Bluetooth provides reliable wireless listening – Rechargeable battery for long-term listening – Sweat and rain resistant to let you combat the elements BluetoothThe Jam Tune In HX-EPC202BL Wireless Bluetooth Headphones let you roam free from your device, with a range of up to 30 m, thanks to the convenient and reliable Bluetooth connection. Once paired with your smartphone you can also pick up calls without reaching for your phone.RechargeableWhether you’re facing a long journey or an all-day study session in the library, up to 12 hours of play-time keeps you going for as long as you need. Just two hours is needed for a full charge to do it all over again.Sweat and rain resistantThe Jam Tune In Headphones are perfect for pumping yourself during a workout or digging into an audiobook by the pool, with an IPX4 rating for certified protection. They stay in place too thanks to the comfortable neckband design – no more worrying about losing your buds again.

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