LastPass Password Manager Review

LastPass Password Manager Review

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  • Fastest fingerprint identification in the world,recognizing your fingerprint within 0.15 second.
  • Unique file encryption, lock your files in one easy step.

Lastpass logoPasswords.  Unless you happen to be mentally gifted and are able to recall hundreds of long strings of text then it’s likely you use the same passwords, or variations of passwords, across the internet.  Some of you may even note down the list of passwords, with ‘Password books’ available to buy online.

There is a much easier way: A password manager.

I started looking into password managers after the revelation that Google Chrome allows anyone accessing your PC to view your saved passwords.  And also because I keep click on the ‘Forgotten Password’ option of websites I don’t visit often!  There are a number of password managers available, after a bit of research I settled on trying LastPass, which was consistently praised across the internet.

Setup was really easy, you just register a new account and set a master password.  LastPass can then import any saved passwords you have in your browser, saving you from having to add them manually.

Once in your ‘vault’ you can organise sites into different categories (you can define whatever category names you’d like).  This is very useful where you have a large number of sites and passwords so you can quickly and easily find them because:

1) Your vault can act as your bookmark organiser and when you click on the link you can be automatically logged into the site;

2) If you make use of the mobile app (which requires a premium account costing just $12 a year) you can access your passwords and generate new ones on the go, especially useful when signing up for/into mobile apps.

When you visit an unsaved site LastPass will do one of 2 things, it will either offer to save the site if you log in, or it’ll offer to generate a secure password if you’re registering.  You can generate passwords at any time and they will generally look something like this: 4duZrjCM1HSl

The great thing is that for each website you can set if your master password is required to log in.  You could visit 100 sites, with 100 different secure passwords and you only ever need to remember your single master password.  If you’re on a different PC you can quickly and easily log into your vault to retrieve any passwords you need.

LastPass has gone beyond being just a simple password manager, it also allows you to set up form filling, create different ‘Identities’ (such as work and personal) that you can use to quickly switch between to see only relevant data and you can share secured sites with others via the ‘Share with LastPass feature’.

The website, the app and the toolbar are all well designed with a simple approach that gets the job done.  It can take a bit of getting use to accepting the help LastPass offers, but after a couple of weeks you’ll wonder why you didn’t start using LastPass sooner.  A must have utility for you online protection.

LastPass website: https://lastpass.com/f?2639336

5 / 5 stars     

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  • Fastest fingerprint identification in the world,recognizing your fingerprint within 0.15 second.
  • Unique file encryption, lock your files in one easy step.
  • Designed for Window 7, 8 & 10 Hello, fingerprint password secures your personal data without the need to remember complex password. (For the driver download and user guide, please browse the PQI website or scan the QR code on the package.)
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