Honor Holly Review

The Honor Holly aims to deliver a premium mobile experience without the premium price tag. Behind the generous 5″ screen sits 16GB of storage and a quad core 1.3 GHz processor, all powered by a 2000 mAH battery. If you’ve used... Read more

Nokia Lumia 630 Review

The Nokia Lumia 630 is a Windows Phone toting budget mobile for those who aren’t fussed about premium design but who’d still like a little pocket powerhouse when out and about. Despite it’s low cost you get a really nice 4.5 inch... Read more

Nokia Lumia 530 Review

The Nokia Lumia 530 aims to bring the WIndows Phone experience to the budget market. Available in a range of colours, including day glow green and orange, the back case is removable giving access to the SIM card and micro SD slots.  Removing... Read more

HTC Desire 816 Review

The HTC Desire 816 is a big phone, at 5.5in it falls into the ‘phablet’ category of devices that’ll either need two hands to operate or one really big hand! The screen is good, the large size is especially useful when playing... Read more

Sony Xperia E1 Review

The Sony Xperia E1 is the follow up to the Sony Xperia E, a great little budget phone that had a nice design but whose screen feels a little small by todays standard.  The Xperia E1 has expanded the screen and changed the design to give it the... Read more

Sony Xperia M2 Review

The Sony Xperia M2 is a mid range mobile that at a glance could pass for one of the top end Sony Xperia Z phones. The main difference between the Xperia M2 and top end Z1/Z2 is the materials used, instead of metal and glass the Xperia M2 is... Read more

LG G3 Review

The LG G2 was a good phone, the LG G3 takes all that goodness, refines it, and delivers an absolutely brilliant phone. The interface has been simplified, the screen improved and the camera focus made lightning fast. In terms of tech. specs you... Read more

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Review

The Sony Xperia Z1 Compact is a tiny powerhouse of a mobile directly aimed at attracting those interested in an iPhone sized device.  Unlike other ‘mini’ versions of popular mobiles Sony haven’t dropped the technical spec along with the size... Read more

Sony Xperia Z1 Review

The Sony Xperia Z1 is a BIG phone, especially if you are use to an iPhone sized mobile.  It’s a large slab of glass and aluminium that has a nice weight to it and feel very comfortable in the hand.  The Z1 feels like a really nice... Read more

LG G2 Review

After a number of rather average mobiles LG have finally produced an excellent phone in the LG G2. Kitted out with 2GB of RAM, a full HD 5.2″ IPS display and a large battery the G2 is a powerhouse of a mobile. LG have taken an... Read more

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Review

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini proved to be a brilliant normal sized phone, so it was no surprise that Samsung decided to bring out the Galaxy S4 Mini (which will no doubt be replaced with the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini at some point!). Although the... Read more

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Review

There’s a lot to like about the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini.  To start with is the size, don’t let the ‘mini’ name fool you, this is what most people would’ve once considered a normal sized smartphone, one that can be... Read more

Nokia Lumia 920 Review

The Lumia 920 has impressed.  I’ve tried a couple of Nokia Lumia handsets and they’ve always been good, but the small screen size always annoyed me, the Windows phone OS really needs a decent sized screen to be at it’s best... Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Review

The Samsung Note 2 is  fantastic, if huge, mobile that has several unique tricks up its sleeve.  You need to keep in mind it’s big, really big. I thought the HTC One X was a big phone, next to this it looks small.  It can still be held... Read more

Sony Xperia L Review

Sony Xperia L is a brilliant mid range handset which has a premium feel about it and actually feel much nicer in the hand than the plasticy Samsung range of handsets. Sony Xperia L Design The overall design of the Xperia L is pleasing, if a... Read more

LG L7 II (P710) Review

The LG L7 II is a great little handset, it’s a good size in the hand, easy to use and has a couple of unique features over other Android handsets. Along with the usual screen lock and volume rocker buttons the L7 II  features an... Read more

Sony Xperia U Review

  The Sony Xperia U is a chunky little handset, but it if you’re looking for an entry level Android handset it offers good performance at a budget price. Sony do well to make their handsets look desirable and the Xperia U is no... Read more

Nokia Asha 311 Review

The Nokia Asha 311 is an OK mobile, but a year after it’s release it isn’t ageing that well, it just can’t compete with the fast pace of updates you get with Android, but it is a solid handset, it does what it does well. You... Read more

Sony Xperia SP Review

Sony are undergoing a return to form when it comes to mobile, the Xperia E impressed with it’s budget pricing and quality feel.  Now comes the more expensive Sony Xperia SP, a more expensive offering that builds on the quality of recent... Read more

Sony Xperia E Hands on Review

The Sony Xperia E is a replacement for the wallet friendly Sony Xperia Tipo, but have Sony managed to improve on an already excellent handset? At the time of writing the Sony Xperia E is retailing for just shy of £110 from Amazon.  For not a... Read more

Nokia Lumia 620 Review

The Nokia Lumia 620 is a mid range smartphone launch to attract new users away from more established operating systems, but is it good enough? For those looking for a change from the usual Android/Apple offering the Nokia Lumia 620 offers an... Read more

Sony Xperia Go Review

Sony have had an interesting couple of years what with the split from Ericsson.  Now they’re going it alone the handset quality is getting much better, but is the Sony Xperia Go a worthy contender to the multitude of Android handsets... Read more

Sony Xperia Tipo Review

The Sony Xperia Tipo serves up Ice Cream Sandwich at a very low cost, but is it any good? Sony have priced the Xperia Tipo aggressively, with Amazon listing it around £100 SIM free at the time of writing.  The handset itself is a compact unit... Read more

Nokia Lumia 800 Review

The Nokia Lumia 800 has been seen by many to be the start of Nokia’s attempt at a major comeback, having lost ground to Apple and Android handsets, but does it do enough? In reviewing the Nokia Lumia 800 you can’t help but also review the... Read more

LG Optimus 2x Review

The LG Optimus 2x has the grand title of being the first duel core mobile handset.  In a world of quad core mobiles this is still worth considering due to the power for price.  The handset delivers this performance due to a combination... Read more

Huawei Blaze Review

The Huawei Blaze represents astonishing value for money. A couple of years ago a phone with the range of features this has would have costs hundreds, now it can be picked new up for around £100 from the likes of Amazon. It has an aging... Read more

Nokia Asha 302 Review

The Nokia Asha 302 is a simple, but stylish, QWERTY keyboard handset for those who want a basic mobile. The classic Nokia interface is easy to use and updates the familiar Nokia interface with social media integration. Although a little bulky... Read more

Nokia C2-01 Review

The Nokia C2-01 is a classic Nokia handset at the budget end of the market.  Designed for those who want a simple phone to talk and text with some internet ability the easy to use keypad make this a perfect second phone for when you want to... Read more

Nokia Asha 300 Review

The Nokia Asha 300 demonstrates why Nokia once ruled the mobile world.  A slick design which combines both a traditional keyboard with a 2.4” touchscreen provides users with a modern twist on the candybar design.  A simple to use interface... Read more