Nuu Mobile M3 Android Phone Review

  • By: Mark J Draper
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Nuu Mobile are hoping to capture an area of the market neglected by the big mobile players: the budget Android handset.

The Nuu Mobile M3 is an Android 7 mobile that won’t break the bank.  for the low price tag you’ll get a 5.5″ HD screen and a surprisingly nice design which features an all metal body rather than being a plastic lump.

The M3 hasn’t been loaded with lots of bloatware, you get a nice clean Android experience without any additional add ons or annoying tweaks manufacturers often make.

The 16GB of storage can be expanded via a microSD card, however this will be at the expense of a second SIM card.  You can either have 2 SIM cards or you can have 1 SIM and 1 memory card.

On the camera front you’ve an 8MP shooter round the back and XMP front facing camera.  The camera tends to be the weak spot for low cost mobiles and the M3 is no different, while photos are OK it failed to capture the punchy colours of a range of flowers.

The front facing camera initially looked very promising.  When recording footage it looked good on the M3 screen and the phone was lightweight in the hand.

Unfortunately, when reviewing the footage it had a strange clicking sound and the phone hadn’t done a great job of capturing voice at a decent level.

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A reshoot had a similar result, a strange clicking sound and poor audio quality, so this isn’t a mobile you’ll want to use for video calls or vlogging.

The M3 has a good-sized screen for gaming, lots of room for on screen controls without your hands getting in the way, although as the speakers are located on the bottom you may end up covering them if playing games in landscape.

Unfortunately, the M3 struggles with more demanding games such as Asphelt8, the game is playable but it doesn’t look great.

If you’re after a low cost day to day mobile for content browsing, social media and watching awesome reviews on YouTube the M3 could be the handset for you.  However, it faces tough competition from the recently reviewed Alcatel A3 which chucks in a fingerprint scanner and better camera for a similar price.

The Nuu Mobile M3 is available now from Amazon UK and

Nuu Mobile M3 Android Phone Video Review