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PLANTRONIC BackBeat FIT 2100 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – Black, Black

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Top features:- Always Aware lets you run outside safely – Customise your listening with the BackBeat app – Seven hour battery life lets you listen for longer Always AwareKeep yourself safer when you’re out on a run thanks to the Plantronics BackBeat FIT 2100 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. The Always Aware earbuds don’t fully block your ear, which means you’ll still be able to hear your surroundings – much safer if you’re running near roads or on cycle paths.You won’t need to sacrifice sound quality – you’ll still be able to hear the crisp highs and mid-tones of your workout anthem.These headphones won’t give up if you get caught in the rain either. They’re waterproof, which means you don’t need to worry about water or sweat.Customise your listeningThe BackBeat app has a My Tap feature that lets you start stopwatches or find your favourite playlists without needing to stop your workout. Now you’ll always have something to help you push through to the end.Seven hour battery lifeGoing on a long run or planning on a half-marathon? You won’t run out of music. The seven hour battery life gives you enough music to see you through.

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