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Details The S650H PRO is optimized for everyday use in office environments. The first thing you notice when you hold the S650H PRO is how great it feels in your hand. The volume keys on the side brings absolute convenience while calling where the keypad is just right to dial the right number over and over again. With its high-quality polymer finish, the handset is scratch- and disinfectant resistant. The handset is loaded with Gigaset‘s business features enriched with Bluetooth, vibrate and audio profiles. This adapts the phone to fit to your personal needs in specific situations. The micro-usb port prepares the S650H PRO for future software updates to support Gigaset DECT networks. This makes the handset fit perfectly to the N720 DECT IP Multicell and N510 IP single cell System from Gigaset pro. Of course it can also be connected to other GAP compatible base stations in both single- and multicell environments. Key Features Next generation user interface on 1,8” TFT illuminated display Side keys for volume adjustment during a call Up to 12 hours of talk time. It supports your activities during the day, without re-charging Easy installation. Unpack, connect and conduct a call Profiles for personal, meeting and noisy environments Handsfree talking with brilliant HDSP/CAT-IQ 2.0 sound quality and high maximum volume Full compatibility with Gigaset N510 Single and N720 DECT IP Multicell systems Modern design with convenient size and proportions Searchable local phonebook with up to 500 vCards and corporate phonebook via PBX (XML, LDAP) Support of Net provider features via menu Vibrating alert Silent charger mode during parallel ringing Headset connection via Bluetooth® or 2.5 mm jack Convenient data exchange via Bluetooth® or micro-USB PIN-protected Key lock for optimum line security Charging via any micro-USB Scratch- and disinfectant resistance Multicell with Roaming and Handover All features from the Gigaset pro N720 multicell and N510 single cell portfolio are supported by the S650 handset. Moving in and around the office while calling with the S650 you will experience the convenience and comfort you have come to expect from Gigaset pro; Stay talking, Gigaset pro base stations make sure your connection never falters. Scratch and Disinfectant Resistant The handset is built from a high quality polymer. The handset surface is protected with a unique scratch resistant coating. This ensures the handset will be protected against scratches in daily use . The coating also protects the handset against popular disinfectant influences allowing you to clean the handset responsibly in healthcare environments. HD Audio Makes a Call More Pleasurable In handsfree mode, the improved acoustics in Gigaset speaker technology boosts the audio into a higher level. The user experiences an improved sound clarity which brings a new dynamic HD sound quality to the conversation. The standard and your own uploaded ringtones sound even louder and clearer. Using Audio-profiles you adjust the volume level matching your personal business circumstances by pressing one single key Technical Data: User Interface Illuminated, graphical 1,8“-TFT Colour display, 128 x 160 Pixel, up to 8 lines and 65.000 colours Intuitive, modern user interface with icons, display keys, five way navi key, function keys and side keys Phonebook and Dialling Address book with up to 500 vCard entries vCard entries: first and last name, three numbers, email, date reminder, VIP melodies and picture caller ID PBX-directory access with search (LDAP and XML) 1 Public online directory search with auto lookup 1 3 separate calls lists (missed/incoming/outgoing) with 20 entries each with CLIP/CNIP and time/date 1 Redialling of last 20 numbers entered Short dial keys (soft keys, 9 numeric keys) Mute key, key lock and flash key Automatic redial function Receiving Calls Caller indication displayed via CLIP, picture CLIP and CNIP 1 Individual ringer melodies for VIP entries and internal callers Anonymous call silencing 1 Vibrating alert Missed Calls Signalled via display and illuminated message waiting indicator List showing up to 20 missed calls with caller indication 1 Local missed call list behind 3rd party single and multicell systems with GAP 1 Direct dialling of the missed call list Audio HD Audio supporting HDSP™/CAT-IQ 2.0 Hands free talking with excellent audio quality Side keys for easy volume adjustment 22 selectable ringer melodies with 5 volume levels and crescendo Selectable audio profiles (personal, silent and loud) Headset via Bluetooth or 2,5-mm jack Keypad Illuminated and scratch resistant Message waiting key with blinking LED Separate R-key Profile key to apply personal, silent and loud settings directly Side keys for volume adjustment Keylock (#-key) with PIN protection Additional Features Organiser with calendar and reminder functions Email-Reader 1 Info services 1 Screensaver (picture, slideshow, clock, info service) 1 Battery charge also in power off state Warning tones when out of the DECT range and visa versa Silent charger mode during parallel ringing with other phone registered at the same user Gigaset QuickSync – Software Software free to download for Windows and OSX. Connect via micro-USB or Bluetooth®. Synchronize your handset directory with Microsoft Outlook® Upload of caller pictures / screensaver pictures Upload sounds (ringtones) from computer to handset Firmware update Computer telephony integration (CTI): Direct dialling of Microsoft Outlook® contacts Display of incoming calls on the computer – both on Windows and OSX Compatibility Optimized and recommended for: Gigaset pro Single cell systems – e.g. N510IP PRO Gigaset pro Multicell systems – e.g.. N720IP PRO GAP compatible DECT base stations (single and multicell systems) Interfaces DECT Bluetooth® Bluetooth® headset (hands free and headset profile) Data exchange and firmware update with Gigaset QuickSync vCard exchange with mobile phones Micro-USB Charging function Data exchange and firmware update with Gigaset QuickSync 2,5 mm headset connector DECT Range Indoor range: up to 50 meters Outdoor range: up to 300 meters Green Office Up to 60% less energy consumption, thanks to an energy-saving power supply Operation Time Up to 12 hours of talk time Up to 300 hours of standby time

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