Have a product you’d like reviewing? Great! Get in touch via the below form, but before you do please note the following:

  • There is no charge for reviews

  • A 5 star review is not guaranteed

  • Items can be sent directly, alternatively you can sent a 100% Amazon discount voucher

  • Reviews are published on the product page

  • Reviews may also be published on and YouTube

  • Where product reviews/videos are published on sites other than Amazon, a link to the and product page

To benefit from a review all you need to do is complete the below form and be prepared to send a 100% free sample of the item you are requesting be reviewed. Items can be sent directly or you may provide a 100% discount voucher if that’s your preferred method of sending the product.

Note there has been some confusion about discount vouchers recently, Amazon have confirmed 100% discount vouchers are fine providing the reviewer discloses the item was provided free of charge for review, this is done on every review published to Amazon.

Click to see Amazon confirmation that 100% discount codes are OK

Amazon 100% discount voucher code OK email

Remember that you will get an honest review; a positive review isn’t guaranteed.

Please note a lot of book review requests get submitted, as the focus of this site is physical products it’s unlikely your book will be reviewed. For further ideas on getting your book reviewed please visit: Mobile cases, accessories and in ear headphones also get submitted a lot, again it’s unlikely these will be accepted for review.

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