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RHA MA390 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – Black, Black

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Top features:- Lots of listening with the extended battery life – Listen in the rain with splash and sweat resistance – Answer calls with the in-line controls without touching your phone – Impressive sound quality in a superior build Lots of listeningYou get up to eight hours of music with the RHA MA390 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. You can listen at the gym after work without losing the sound halfway through a set.Listen in the rainA bit of rain never hurt anybody, and it won’t hurt the RHA MA390 Headphones either. So don’t worry about getting caught in a drizzle, as you can still listen to your tunes all the way home. You need music for a good workout too, so you can throw on the RHA MA390 and work up a healthy sweat while your phone sits safely in your bag.Answer calls with the in-line controlsWith in-line buttons you can control the music without touching your phone. Match the music to your workout without breaking stride. You can also accept calls with the built-in microphone, and access the phone’s voice assistant, all while the phone stays in your pocket or bag.Impressive sound qualityThere’s no point buying headphones if the sound’s no good. The RHA MA390 are atpX compatible, so you can listen to high quality music without any drop in quality from being wireless. The earbuds are in Aerophonic housings designed to channel sound without distortion.

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