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ROADEYES recSMART Quad HD Dash Cam – Black, Black

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Top features: – Automatically records your car journeys – Share HD footage from your smartphone – Easy to use and mount Automatically recordsThe Road Eyes recSMART Quad HD Dash Cam records your journey as soon you start your car so you’ll never miss a road incident ever again. It comes with a removable microSD card so you can manage your recordings – it even overwrites old recordings automatically. You’ll also get updates on your speed, distance driven, maps, routes driven, and more.If you’re involved in an incident, the camera’s G sensor will automatically protect the current recording so you can easily retrieve it later without worry it’ll be overwritten.Share HD footageWhether you’re navigating an epic route, or just captured something too good not to share, you can easily share your amazing HD footage with the recSMART community straight from your smartphone, and enjoy members’ contributions from around the world.All you need to do is connect your smartphone to the camera using WiFi. You can also share your videos on an array of your favourite social media apps including Facebook and Instagram.Easy to useYou can easily attach the recSMART Quad HD Dash Cam to your dashboard thanks to its magnetic mounting bracket. For more convenience you can also download the Road Eyes app and get full playback access to all your files.

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