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SONY Xperia 1 – 128 GB, Black, Black

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A cinema in your pocketWe use our phones for pretty much everything these days, so when you’re spending hours looking at your phone, you want the display to be stunning.The Sony Xperia 1’s 4K HDR OLED display is as good as your TV (it might even be better). You’ll see every detail in stunning crispness and vibrant colour, whether you’re admiring your photo collection, streaming a binge-worthy boxset or even just browsing the web. With HDR, you can take your on-demand and catch-up watching to the next level – cinematic aspect ratio and colour accuracy will get you closer to the director’s vision than you’ve ever been before on your Smart phone.There’s Dolby Atmos audio too, so muffled, underwhelming sound won’t let down your experience. Instead you’ll get multi-dimension sound that immerses you for all-round better watching.More professional imagingWant to capture perfect pictures first time? Don’t we all. The Xperia 1 is ideal for everything from sweeping landscape shots to selfies. With a triple lens camera helping you to capture every detail, your shots will be ready to share instantly on social media, with no need to spend ages editing.With technology from Sony’s digital motion picture camera engineers packed into the Xperia 1, you’ve got everything you need to record professional looking footage too. Get ready to be the photographer everywhere you go.Multi-task to the maxWith a large 6.5″ screen, you’ve got the space to do more with your Smartphone. The wide display lets you open two windows at once, and see more of them than you would on smaller screened mobiles. No need to take your tablet on the tube – get it done on the Xperia 1 just as easily.

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