CAMPARK ACT30 Bullet Camera Review

Unlike a lot of low cost Go Pro style cameras the CAMPARK ACT30 takes a different approach, rather than the rectangular style so often seen these days this goes for a bullet design, with the lens at the front, controls on top, and memory... Read more

DBPOWER EX5000 Action Camera

The DBPower EX5000 is a great little camera with a lot of features for a very reasonable price. The EX5000 is tiny and records to a microSD card which isn’t included. What is included is a huge array of accessories such as a protective... Read more

YT Club Flexible Mini Tripod Review

The YT Club flexible mini tripod is versatile bit of that caters for a wide range of devices and situations. Out of the box it’s ready to use with a mobile phone, it has an adjustable mount that holds your mobile in place. A nice feature... Read more

HP F520G in Car Dash Camera

The HP F520G in car dash camera is one of the more expensive dash cams available. It’s a compact little unit with a large screen on the back which isn’t a touch screen.  Instead the manufacturer has opted for a row of buttons under... Read more

HP AC300W Action Camera Review

The HP AC300W Action Camera aims to take on the growing action camera market with an interesting trick, a watch that doubles up as a remote screen! The AC300W comes with a wide range of accessories, including a bike mount and a case which... Read more

Mini 0805 Car Camera Review

The Mini 0805 in car camera is a small little unit with a cylindrical design. Interestingly it came with a GPS data logger as an additional extra, a separate module that plugs in the top of the Mini 0805. There is a tiny 1.5″ LCD screen... Read more

Polaroid Cube Camera Review

The Polaroid Cube elicits a reaction I didn’t think possible from a camera…people go ‘aww that’s cute!’ when you show them.  And they’re not wrong!  At just 3cm x 3cm x 3cm it initially it’s a dinky... Read more