Torguard Car Camera Review

The Torguard car camera offers good video quality for a low price.  In the box you get the camera, power cable, USB cable for transferring files from the camera and the windscreen mount. The mount is designed to allow you to remove the camera... Read more

HP F520G in Car Dash Camera

The HP F520G in car dash camera is one of the more expensive dash cams available. It’s a compact little unit with a large screen on the back which isn’t a touch screen.  Instead the manufacturer has opted for a row of buttons under... Read more

Mini 0805 Car Camera Review

The Mini 0805 in car camera is a small little unit with a cylindrical design. Interestingly it came with a GPS data logger as an additional extra, a separate module that plugs in the top of the Mini 0805. There is a tiny 1.5″ LCD screen... Read more