Best hole punch roundup

What’s the best hole punch? Aren’t they all the same?  Rapesco think not and have produced 3 very different hole punchers to suit your needs, be that home, school or work. Power Assisted Hole Punch For years I’ve used a cheap... Read more

Best stapler round up

What’s the best stapler?  Won’t any old stapler do?  Rapesco don’t think so, and they’ve got a range of staplers to suit your needs. Rapesco Zero-01 A solidly designed stapler, looks nice and sleek. It’s fairly... Read more

Parax Stone Paper Review

Stationary.  What could be new in the world of stationery?  Not the most exciting subject in most situations, at least until a company called Parax came along to rip up the tree paper rulebook and replace it with a stone paper one instead... Read more