Onda V10 4G Phablet Review

The Onda V10 Phablet is a 10.1″ Android tablet with not one, but two SIM card slots giving access to the internet when on the go. Being a low cost tablet compromises have been made.  It’s a little chunky and heavy in the hand, and... Read more

Teclast X98 Plus II Review

The Teclast X98 Plus II certainly takes a lot of design inspiration from the Apple iPad Air, looking lovely and slim. However unlike the Air it actually feels rather weighty in the hand. It also offers a choice of operating systems, giving you... Read more

Aroccom 7″ 3D Tablet Review

The Aroccom 7″ tablet enters a busy market with a price of £179, making it far more expensive than low cost tablets, a little more expensive than an 8″ Samsung tablet, and only slightly cheaper than the 10.1″ Samsung Galaxy... Read more