CAMPARK ACT30 Bullet Camera Review

Unlike a lot of low cost Go Pro style cameras the CAMPARK ACT30 takes a different approach, rather than the rectangular style so often seen these days this goes for a bullet design, with the lens at the front, controls on top, and memory... Read more

ARCTIC Breeze UK USB Fan Review

Every now and then the sun visits the UK and heats us all up.  With this being such an unusual occurance it catchs us out everytime, leaving some of us sitting in an uncomfortable hot office.  This USB fan couldn’t have arrived at a... Read more

Blue Microphones Yeti Review

As someone who creates video reviews it became clear I needed to do something about the audio quality as my current camcorder didn’t support an external microphone and the internal mic was fairly poor, adding a hiss to all audio recorded.  The... Read more

HooToo 7 Port USB 3 Hub Review

HooToo are back with another great USB 3 product.  This time its a 7 port hub which also has 2 charging ports.  The design is similar to other HooToo products recently reviewed, with a nice solid build quality and easy to understand setup... Read more

HooToo Sata Docking Station

The Hootoo docking station aims to make use of any spare hard drives you’ve collected over the years, giving you a quick and easy method of accessing the data on them. It comes with everything you need to get set up, all you need to... Read more

HooToo 10 Port USB 3 Hub Review

The HooToo 10 port USB 3 hub is great for anyone that wants quick and easy access to a lot of USB devices. It’s made of plastic, but has a nice solid weight to it. The feet on the bottom of the unit provide it with some stability against... Read more

Inateck 2.5 HD Enclosure Review

The Inateck HD Enclosure is a great little gadget, perfect for making use of any spare 2.5 SATA drives (the type found in laptops) you might have. As with other Inateck products you get a nicely designed bit of kit, it’s plastic with... Read more