LeFun HD S1 Mini Projector Review

The LeFun mini projector, or S1 projector if you’re looking at an unbranded version, is a compact device you can easily move about or take with you by popping into a bag. Setup only takes a couple of minutes, just plug in the power and... Read more

Magix Video Easy 6 Review

Magix Video Easy 6 is designed to be an easy to use,video editing package for those who want to step up from the free editing packages often included on PCs. It installed and runs fine on my Windows 10 PC. When you open the software... Read more

Kehan C60 Action Camera Review

The Kehan C60 Action Camera is a compact video camera that takes inspirations from GoPro. Controls are kept to a minimum, power/mode button on the front, menu controls on the side, and a single button on top to take photos/video. There is a... Read more

HP AC300W Action Camera Review

The HP AC300W Action Camera aims to take on the growing action camera market with an interesting trick, a watch that doubles up as a remote screen! The AC300W comes with a wide range of accessories, including a bike mount and a case which... Read more