Blue Maestro Tempo Disc Review

The Blue Maestro Tempo Disc is a tiny pebble like gadget for recording temperature, humidity and due point data, similar to the SensorPush.  It’s only slightly larger than a 50p coin and it’s powered by a CR2032 battery. Looking at... Read more

Netatmo Rain Gauge Review

The Netatmo Weather station was a great bit of kit that left a lot of people asking for a couple of extra features, one of which is a rain gauge. As with the original Netatmo weather station the Netatmo rain gauge is a really well constructed... Read more

Netatmo Weather Station Review

The Netatmo weather station is a great looking little gadget for those interested in very local weather, and given the stereotype of Brits involves an obession with weather it should go down rather well in the UK!  Looking around at other... Read more