Price Bear Discounts Website

Reviewing products is a lot of fun, but every now and then it’s nice to do something a little different, let me introduce you to Price Bear. I’m conducting an experiment in affiliate marketing by launching a new discount site... Read more Review

Enter this code at the checkout for £20 off your first order: MARK44245 aims to help you out in the kitchen by sending you all the ingredients you need, along with instructions, for tasty meals.  The difference between Gousto and... Read more

LastPass Password Manager Review

Passwords.  Unless you happen to be mentally gifted and are able to recall hundreds of long strings of text then it’s likely you use the same passwords, or variations of passwords, across the internet.  Some of you may even note down the list... Read more

Billmonitor Website Review

I discovered a couple of years ago and have made use of it ever since.  A simple, clean, interface makes it very easy to set up.  Ongoing contact keeps you updated and it’s become an invaluable tool for upgrading my... Read more

This review is based on experience with the Stockport branch of, in May/June of 2013. Shopping around for a new bathroom can be a total pain.  Finding the right looking suit for the right price can take an age.  After looking in... Read more Review

{rating} In brief offer a fantastic service which, if you remember to use it, can really help stack up the cash.  The very modest fee of £5 is taken in a way which ensure you only pay if you are getting cashback, there is really no... Read more