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Are you tired of using a subpar keyboard that slows down your typing speed and hampers your productivity? Well, you're not alone. Studies have shown that using a mechanical keyboard can increase your typing speed by up to 20% compared to a traditional membrane keyboard.

But with so many options available, how do you choose the right one for everyday use? In this discussion, we will unveil the seven best mechanical keyboards that will bring you typing bliss. From compact 60% gaming keyboards to full-sized RGB backlit ones, we have got you covered.

So, prepare yourself to experience a whole new level of typing efficiency and comfort.

Key Takeaways

  • Mechanical keyboards with compact designs, such as the TECURS 60% Gaming Keyboard and MageGee Portable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, offer increased portability and reduced desk space.
  • Customizable backlighting options, like those found in the TECURS 60% Gaming Keyboard and RisoPhy Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, allow for personalization and enhanced typing experiences.
  • When choosing a mechanical keyboard for everyday use, factors to consider include key switch options, ergonomic design, and compatibility with operating systems.
  • Durability and build quality are important considerations when selecting a mechanical keyboard, with options like the RK Royal Kludge RK96 RGB Mechanical Keyboard offering versatile wireless connectivity and a durable construction.

TECURS 60% Gaming Keyboard (Blue Switch)

The TECURS 60% Gaming Keyboard (Blue Switch) offers a compact design and clicky sound, making it the ideal choice for gamers and typing enthusiasts alike.

With its 61 keys compact design, this keyboard eliminates traditional arrow keys and number keys, providing a streamlined and efficient typing experience.

The detachable Type-C data cable ensures ease of use and convenience.

The LED backlit feature with customizable lighting effects enhances the overall gaming experience.

The blue switch mechanical keys deliver a satisfying clicky sound and tactile resistance, ensuring precise and accurate keystrokes.

The ergonomic design, along with foldable kickstands, provides comfort during long gaming or typing sessions.

Compatible with Windows operating systems, the TECURS 60% Gaming Keyboard (Blue Switch) is a highly portable and affordable option for those seeking functionality and style in a compact design.

Best For: Gamers and typing enthusiasts looking for a compact and clicky keyboard with customizable lighting effects.


  • 61 keys compact design for a streamlined and efficient typing experience
  • LED backlit with customizable lighting effects for enhanced gaming experience
  • Blue switch mechanical keys deliver a satisfying clicky sound and tactile resistance


  • Lacks traditional arrow keys and number keys, which may not be suitable for certain users

MageGee Portable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (MK-Box LED Backlit Compact 68 Keys)

For those seeking a compact and portable mechanical gaming keyboard with a classic blue LED backlit and a satisfying typing experience, the MageGee Portable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (MK-Box LED Backlit Compact 68 Keys) is an excellent choice.

This mini wired office keyboard features a 60% compact layout and is equipped with mechanical red switches, providing a distinctive typing feel. The charming blue LED backlit adds a touch of style to your setup. With full anti-ghosting capabilities, you can enjoy smooth and accurate keystrokes even during intense gaming sessions. The MageGee keyboard is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac, making it versatile for various operating systems. It also offers customizable backlight modes, allowing you to personalize your gaming experience. Additionally, the keyboard comes with a detachable USB cable for easy portability.

Best For: Gamers and professionals looking for a compact and portable mechanical gaming keyboard with customizable LED backlighting.


  • Satisfying typing experience
  • Impressive features for the price
  • Compact size and cute color scheme


  • Dim LED backlight

RisoPhy Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with RGB LED Backlight (104 Keys)

Looking for a mechanical keyboard that combines affordability, quality, and performance? Look no further than the RisoPhy Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with RGB LED Backlight.

This keyboard features responsive blue switches, providing higher accuracy and quicker response for your typing needs. With its rainbow backlit keyboard and 9 different backlights, you can customize your typing experience to suit your style.

The keyboard also offers advanced ergonomic comfort with its stair-up keycap design and foldable rear kickstands. With 100% anti-ghosting and 12 multimedia combinations, your productivity will be improved.

The RisoPhy Mechanical Gaming Keyboard isn't only affordable but also durable, with a lifespan of up to 50 million keystrokes. Customers have praised its functionality, build quality, and design, making it a great value for gamers, office workers, and tech geeks alike.

Best For: Gamers, office workers, and tech geeks looking for an affordable mechanical keyboard with high-quality performance.


  • Responsive blue switches for accurate and quick typing
  • Customizable rainbow backlit keyboard with 9 different options
  • Advanced ergonomic design for comfortable typing experience


  • Clicky sound of blue switches may be too loud for some users

RK Royal Kludge RK96 RGB Mechanical Keyboard (Limited Ed)

Ideal for those seeking a versatile and high-performance keyboard, the RK Royal Kludge RK96 RGB Mechanical Keyboard (Limited Ed) offers a range of features for everyday use. With its 96% keyboard layout, including a number pad and offset arrow keys, this keyboard provides convenience and functionality.

It also boasts triple mode wireless connectivity, allowing you to connect via Bluetooth 5.0, a 2.4GHz dongle, or USB-C. The hot-swappable PCB makes switch replacement a breeze, and the ergonomic magnetic wrist rest ensures comfort during long typing sessions. The hub design with USB pass-through ports adds convenience, and the DIY software support allows for customization.

While some users have mixed opinions on the software's usability, the keyboard's quality, feel, and sound have received positive feedback. With its sturdy build, RGB backlighting, and ability to connect and switch between multiple devices, the RK Royal Kludge RK96 RGB Mechanical Keyboard is a solid choice for everyday use.

Best For: Individuals looking for a high-performance mechanical keyboard with a compact layout and wireless connectivity options.


  • Versatile triple mode wireless connectivity
  • Hot-swappable PCB for easy switch replacement
  • Ergonomic magnetic wrist rest for added comfort


  • Mixed opinions on the usability of the DIY software

Keychron C3 Pro Custom Gaming Keyboard (87 Keys, Brown Switches)

With its QMK/VIA software support and customizable backlight options, the Keychron C3 Pro Custom Gaming Keyboard (87 Keys, Brown Switches) is a top choice for those seeking a versatile and personalized mechanical keyboard for everyday use. The keyboard features a gasket mount design, which reduces sound resonance and provides a smoother typing experience. It also offers a 1000 Hz polling rate and NKRO (N-Key Rollover) for fast and responsive typing.

The Keychron C3 Pro allows for easy toggling between macOS and Windows systems, making it convenient for users who switch between different operating systems. The shine-through double-shot ABS keycaps not only enhance visibility but also come with customizable red backlight options.

With its compact dimensions of 14.35 x 5.43 x 1.25 inches and a weight of 2.42 pounds, the Keychron C3 Pro is a portable and lightweight choice.

Best For: Gamers and enthusiasts looking for a customizable and versatile mechanical keyboard with a smooth typing experience.


  • QMK/VIA software support for easy programming and key remapping
  • Gasket mount design reduces sound resonance for a quieter typing experience
  • Customizable red backlight options enhance visibility


  • Some users reported wear on certain keys after a short period of use

MageGee Mechanical Gaming Keyboard MK-Armor (Black & White)

For those seeking a reliable and affordable mechanical keyboard, the MageGee Mechanical Gaming Keyboard MK-Armor (Black & White) offers a comfortable and customizable typing experience. With its Red switches, you can enjoy a comfortable typing experience with tactile feedback. The keyboard features full 104 keys anti-ghosting for fast typing response, ensuring accuracy and precision.

Additionally, the adjustable tilt legs allow you to find the perfect ergonomic typing angle for your needs. The keyboard also offers multiple modes backlight operation with a solid sea blue color, adding a stylish touch to your setup. Users have praised the sturdy build quality and compact design of the keyboard, as well as the LED backlighting and customizable lighting effects.

With an affordable price, the MageGee Mechanical Gaming Keyboard MK-Armor (Black & White) is a great choice for everyday use.

Best For: Gamers and individuals in need of a reliable and affordable mechanical keyboard.


  • Comfortable typing experience with tactile feedback from Red switches
  • Sturdy build quality and compact design
  • LED backlighting with customizable lighting effects


  • Spacebar rattle and occasional key duplication

EarlyLit Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboard (Compact 98 Keys)

Save space on your desk with the compact 98-keys layout and enjoy the convenience of a numeric pad with the EarlyLit Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboard. This keyboard features a separate direction area to prevent accidental presses and hot-swappable red switches for easy customization. The quiet gasket design ensures a peaceful typing experience, while the customizable RGB lighting with various effects adds a touch of personalization. The keyboard's ergonomic design provides comfort during extended typing sessions, and it's compatible with both WIN and MAC systems. You can also enjoy peace of mind with the 18-month warranty and 100% feedback after-sale service.

Positive customer reviews praise the materials used, build quality, and the removable USB C cable. Some users appreciate the color block keycaps and backlight modes, as well as the bright and vibrant RGB lights. Novice users also found the keyboard to perform well out-of-the-box.

However, there are some negative reviews mentioning issues with key reassignment, lagging lighting effects, missing buttons, and occasional problems with certain keys.

Overall, the EarlyLit Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboard offers a compact and customizable option for keyboard enthusiasts or those looking for a solid and reliable keyboard.

Best For: Keyboard enthusiasts or those looking for a compact and customizable mechanical keyboard.


  • Compact 98-keys layout with numeric pad
  • Hot-swappable red switches for easy customization
  • Customizable RGB lighting with various effects


  • Issues with key reassignment and lagging lighting effects

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Mechanical Keyboard for Everyday Use

When choosing a mechanical keyboard for everyday use, there are several factors you should consider.

First, think about the key switch options available, as different switches offer varying levels of tactile feedback and noise.

Additionally, consider the keyboard's ergonomic design, as a comfortable layout can prevent strain and fatigue during long typing sessions.

Lastly, look for customizable backlighting options, compatibility with your operating system, and the keyboard's portability and compactness, if you plan to take it with you on the go.

Key Switch Options

Consider the various key switch options available when choosing a mechanical keyboard for everyday use to ensure a personalized and satisfying typing experience. Key switch options, such as blue, red, and brown switches, offer different characteristics to cater to individual preferences.

Blue switches provide a clicky sound and tactile resistance, making them ideal for those who enjoy a satisfying typing experience.

Red switches, on the other hand, offer a smooth typing experience without the clicky sound, perfect for those who prefer a quieter keyboard.

Brown switches strike a balance between tactile feedback and typing comfort, making them a popular choice among typists.

Understanding the characteristics of key switch options, such as actuation force and travel distance, is crucial in selecting a mechanical keyboard that aligns with your preferences and usage requirements.

Ergonomic Design

To ensure a personalized and satisfying typing experience, it's essential to consider the ergonomic design when choosing a mechanical keyboard for everyday use.

Look for keyboards with an ergonomic design that provides a more comfortable and natural typing experience, reducing strain on your wrists and hands.

Consider keyboards with adjustable tilt legs or foldable kickstands to achieve a more comfortable typing angle, promoting better wrist posture.

Some keyboards come with a wrist rest or have a design that accommodates the use of a separate wrist rest, which can enhance comfort during extended typing sessions.

Keyboards with a compact layout can help to reduce strain by allowing for a more natural hand and arm positioning, as well as minimizing reaching for keys.

Additionally, look for keyboards with non-slip features such as rubber padding on the bottom to prevent the keyboard from moving around during use, providing a stable typing experience.

Customizable Backlighting

For a more personalized and enjoyable typing experience, take advantage of the customizable backlighting feature when selecting a mechanical keyboard for everyday use.

Customizable backlighting allows you to adjust the brightness, color, and effects of the keyboard's backlight, giving you the freedom to create a setup that suits your preferences and mood.

Whether you prefer a calming blue hue or a vibrant rainbow effect, customizable backlighting allows you to express your style and enhance your typing experience.

Additionally, the ability to adjust the brightness of the backlight ensures that you can comfortably use the keyboard in any lighting condition, whether it's a dimly lit room or a brightly lit office.

Compatibility With Operating Systems

Now that you've explored the benefits of customizable backlighting, let's shift our focus to another crucial factor to consider when choosing a mechanical keyboard for everyday use: compatibility with your operating system.

It's important to check if the keyboard is compatible with your specific operating system, whether it's Windows, Linux, Mac, or any other system you use. Look for keyboards that offer easy toggling between different operating systems, allowing you to seamlessly switch between them without any hassle.

Additionally, consider if the keyboard requires additional software or drivers for full compatibility with your operating system. It's recommended to choose a keyboard that's plug-and-play, meaning it's ready to use without any complex setup for your operating system.

Portability and Compactness

When choosing a mechanical keyboard for everyday use, considering portability and compactness is crucial. If you require a keyboard that can easily be moved and transported, these factors become even more important. Opting for a compact design with a reduced number of keys, such as the 60% or 68 keys layout, not only makes the keyboard more portable but also requires less desk space.

Features like detachable cables, foldable kickstands, and ergonomic designs contribute to the portability and compactness of mechanical keyboards, making them easier to carry and use in various locations. Additionally, if you value wireless connectivity, compact mechanical keyboards with this option provide even more portability, allowing you to work seamlessly across multiple devices.

It's essential to strike a balance between portability and functionality, ensuring that the compact design meets your specific needs and preferences.

Durability and Build Quality

Considering the importance of durability and build quality, a mechanical keyboard for everyday use must be able to withstand heavy typing and provide a solid and reliable typing experience.

The durability and build quality of a mechanical keyboard can be assessed by its construction, key responsiveness, and expected lifespan. Users have reported satisfaction with the sturdiness, clean switches, and solid build quality of the keyboard, indicating its durability.

The non-slip and ergonomic design, along with rubber padding underneath, contribute to its durability and comfort during everyday use. Positive reviews have highlighted the keyboard's quality, sturdiness, and solid build, making it a durable option for gamers, office workers, and tech enthusiasts.

Its sturdy and well-made feel, minimal design, and fun-to-type-on experience further enhance its appeal in terms of durability and build quality.

Value for Money

To ensure you get the best value for your money when choosing a mechanical keyboard for everyday use, there are several factors you should consider.

Firstly, think about your budget and set a price range that suits your needs. Mechanical keyboards can vary in price, so it's essential to find one that offers the right balance between cost and features.

Secondly, consider the keyboard's build quality and durability. Look for keyboards made with high-quality materials that can withstand heavy usage and last for a long time.

Additionally, pay attention to the keyboard's features and functionality. It's important to choose a keyboard that offers the necessary features you need for your everyday tasks, such as backlighting, programmable keys, or multimedia controls.


So there you have it, the 7 best mechanical keyboards for everyday use. Whether you're a gamer or a typist, these keyboards offer a satisfying and comfortable typing experience. From compact designs to customizable RGB lighting, there's something for everyone.

So go ahead and upgrade your typing experience with one of these top-notch mechanical keyboards. Typing bliss awaits!

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