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AVM Fritz!Box 4060 and Fritz!repeater 6000

Can’t get a Superhub 5? Get the WiFi 6 AVM Fritz!Box 4060 instead

Hop on board the Wi-Fi 6 train with the AVM dream team of the Fritz!box 4060 and Fritz!Repeater 6000.

Monitor your pet’s food intake with the Pawbby Smart Bowl

If there is one thing cats and dogs share in common, it’s the love of food. Pop a tasty treat down and they’ll snaffle it up, but how do you make sure you’re not accidentally overfeeding your precious pet? The Pawbbt Smart Bowl is the worlds first smart diet control pet food bowl allowing owers…

AVM FritzBox 6890 LTE Featured Image

AVM Fritz!Box 6890 LTE gives you a backup mobile internet connection

The Fritz!Box 6890 LTE is a router/modem that features a full telephone system built in. With 4 x gigabit LAN ports, 1 x gigabit WAN port, and Mesh WiFi its a formidable system that differentiates itself by offering internet via mobile networks, either as the primary connection or as a backup.

Dragon Touch 8″ Digital Photo Frame Review

The Dragon Touch digital photo frame connects to the internet to allow photos to be easily shared from a mobile phone directly to the frame, no computer required.

Blendjet 2

The best portable blender? Blendjet 2 Review

Could BlendJet 2 be the portable blender to beat?

Want to go green? Buy a windfarm!

Ripple Energy have teamed up with Co-op Energy to build an electricity generating wind farm that you can buy into to reduce the cost of your electricity bills.


Fritz!Fon C6 DECT Phone Review

AVM, makers of the excellent Friz!Box range of routers, have released the Friz!Fon C6 DECT telephone, but is it the perfect companion for AVM routers with telephone functions?

SimCam 1S AI Home Camera Review

There’s no shortage of internet connected home security cameras available to you and they usually require an ongoing subscription fee to make the most of them. SimCam is approaching things a little differently, giving you lots of features for a single one off cost.

Nooie Cam 360

Nooie Cam 360 Review

This low-cost camera helps monitor your chosen area by rotating to track detected motion.

Remington Clippers

Remington HC4250 Quick Cut Hair Clippers Review

With more people considering home haircuts, is now the time to invest in a set of Remington Clippers?