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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Want a product review? Be sure to read the below

    How much do you charge?

    There is no charge for reviewing your product, you will need to provide a sample free of charge.

    PayPal Refund?

    NO!  Your item will not be purchased and any PayPal refund requests will either be ignored or forwarded on to Amazon so they’re aware you’re attempting to breech their terms and conditions.

    Where do I send my product?

    You will send your product to a UK address which will be provided if your product is accepted for review. If your are requesting a review of a digital product you will need to provide a license code/lifetime access in return for a review.

    Video review on Amazon?

    Yes I can create a video review/product demonstration video and publish it to Amazon.com.  This is different to a customer review, for further information on this topic see this guide 

    You guarentee a good review?

    No, I guarantee an honest review which will be balanced and will demonstrate both the positives and negatives.