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  • August MR220

    August MR220 Bluetooth Audio Receiver Review

    The August MR220 is a low cost Bluetooth receiver which has been design to give users a quick and easy way to stream music to cars and audio equipment. Looking at the photos you expected the August MR220 to be larger than it actually is. In fact the August MR220 is very light and about the same height…

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  • Mini speaker

    Mini Bluetooth Speaker Review

    The Mini Bluetooth speaker is impressively loud for the low price tag.  However the low price tag does mean you’ll be missing a few features. However, before talking about what’s missing let’s cover what you get with the Mini Bluetooth speaker for under £20.  In the box you get a USB charging cable, aux wire to…

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  • Blu DAC

    Crystal Acoustics Blu-DAC Bluetooth Receiver

    Crystal Acoustics are on a mission to free your music.  Services such as Spotify and Deezer offer a great way to listen to music, but unless you were prepared to shell out for some expensive kit such as the Logitech or Sonos range you’ve had limited options to make use of such services.  One option is…

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  • August Speaker

    August MS450 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

    There are many low cost portable bluetooth speakers on the market, but few are as striking as the August MS450 Portable Bluetooth Speaker.  This small, but powerful, little speaker has a striking circular design with a central console that doubles as an on/off switch. The August MS450 comes with a USB charging cable and 3.5mm aux…

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  • August headphones

    August EP650 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones Review

    The August EP650 Bluetooth Headphones offer excellent sound and they give you a lot more freedom than when getting tangled up with wires.  If you’ve not tried wireless headphones you’ll be surprised at just how much better it is not to have a wire trailing down and getting in the way of things, and you’d certainly…

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  • Minx Go

    Cambridge Minx Go Review

    The Minx Go is a small travel speaker by Cambridge Audio.  I’m a fan of Cambridge Audio kit having already purchased from the Minx range for my surround sound. I’ve been looking for a decent, low cost, bluetooth travel speaker for a while so as soon as I learnt they’d released the Minx Go, a travel speaker, I…

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