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I’ve reviewed a lot of Edifier speakers over the years, they come in all shapes and sizes and the Edifier M1390BT multi media speaker system merges a couple of different styles.

The subwoofer plays it safe with the standard cube design, the left and right speakers have a more appealing design reminiscent of the more premium Edifier Luna E235 Speaker System previously reviewed.

The M1390BT speakers are designed as multimedia speakers for use with a PC or games console.  They’ve a phono input on the back and a 3.5mm input on one of the speakers, very handy for those of us with sit/stand desks where the PC isn’t on the ground near the subwoofer.

Talking of sit/stand desks, if you have one be aware you may need to get some extension cables, the wires are perfectly fine for most conventional setups but a little short if you have the sub on the floor and the speakers up high.

Setup only takes a few minutes, there is a power button on the subwoofer and also on one of the speakers.  The speaker button acts as volume, power and input selection as these can accept either a wired source or a Bluetooth source.  A short button press changes source, a long toggles them on or off.

The specs are:

  • UTPUT POWER: R/L:8W ×2 + SW: 18W RMS
  • SIGNAL-TO-NOISE RATIO: R/L:≥80dB(A);SW:≤0.5%
  • INPUT SENSITIVITY: AUX:R/L:400±50mV; SW:230±20mV
    • PC:R/L:600±50mV; SW:340±20mV
    • Bluetooth:R/L:400±50mFFS; SW:300±20mFFS
  • FREQUENCY RANGE: R/L:135Hz-20kHz; SW:45Hz-140kHz
    • Satelliet:2 3/4inch (70mm); Impedance:4ohm
    • Subwoofer:5inch(131mm); Impedance:8ohm
  • SUBWOOFER DIMENSIONS:198(B) × 250(H)× 224(D)mm
  • SATELLITE DIMENSIONS:106(B)× 188(H)× 163(D)mm
  • ITEM WEIGHT:4.8 kg

Sound quality was in line with price point, nothing wrong with it but doesn’t blow you away either.  The sub is a nice compact size, unfortunately it turns out a disappointing performance, it adds some bass, the speakers certainly sound better with it on and turned up, but nothing earth shaking, it’s very subtle.

You get decent stereo separation and the speakers easily fill a room, going to a very high volume without distorting and giving a very clear sound.  They perform well when you’re close up, for example I as write this review, but can also turn out a respectable performance if you’re further away from the speakers, e.g. sat back playing a game.

The small size of all the units is a big plus, they easily sit on (and under for the sub) a desk without taking up loads of space.

Edifier offer a wide range of speakers to choose from, for those on a budget the M1390BT speaker system is a decent pick.

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