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Arriving just in time for summer, the HeySong Bluetooth speaker is a low-cost option for those on the go.  It’s been designed for use in a range of situations, from in the shower to a camping trip, thanks to it’s IP67 waterproof projection and rugged design.

In the box you get the waterproof speaker, heavy-duty carabine to attach it to things when on the go, a small travel bag and a USB charging cable.

The Bluetooth speaker style is best described as chunky, the rubberised shell gives you the sense it could be dropped and not suffer any damage.

There are rubberised volume and power controls, and it’s charged via a USB cable.  The port is located at the bottom of the Bluetooth speaker, behind a protective flap.  

Key Features:

  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • Up to 36h battery life
  • True Wireless Stereo technology
  • 5 LED light patterns

While the outer shell might be black rubber, the inner core of the Bluetooth speaker is made up of different coloured LED lights.  These are controlled via a button.

They can be set to flash in different styles, or turned off completely if you’re not interested in a party atmosphere.

Setup is super simple. Just power on the speaker and pair it with your mobile.  It’s not especially expensive, or large, yet the sound quality is good for a portable speaker.

Missing stereo?  Not a problem, this has ‘True Wireless Stereo’ technology, which means if you get another HEYSONG Portable Bluetooth Speaker they can be paired together to create a wider, stereo, sound. 

It’s well received on Amazon, with an almost 5 star average rating. If you’re not a fan of black it also comes in green and pink.

There isn’t much else to say, it’s a compact, low cost, little speaker that does the job. It should be tough enough to take travelling and low cost enough to replace should it go missing while away.

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