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Tribit isn’t a brand I’m familiar with, sounding more like a sci-fi currency than a tech company, so when they asked me to review the XSound Go portable Bluetooth speaker I was interested to see what they’d packed into this little package.

The XSound Go arrives in a small white and orange box. Opening the box up you’ll find a small, sleek, black Bluetooth speaker approximately 16cm wide. It has a pre-attached lanyard helping this to be a very portable little device, you can easily carry this around, attach it to a bag or bike.

It doesn’t feel too heavy in the hand, the bulk of the weight likely being the battery which should give you 24hrs playtime at medium volume. It comes with a micro USB cable to charge rather than USB type C and that means you’ll be waiting a while for it to be fully charged, say 3 – 4 hours.

It’s available from Amazon, very reasonable priced around £30/USD$32 and comes highly ranked as one of the best low cost Bluetooth speakers you can currently buy.

It’s a nicely designed speaker, the classic pill shape with a row of buttons across the top to control power and music playback. Around the back is the charging point and aux-in connector, covered by a study waterproofing flap. On the bottom are little feet.

It’s easy to get set up, power the XSound Go on, search for it in your devices Bluetooth menu and pair the two together. You’re then ready to unleash your music via the bass radiators and dual 6W power drivers.

Given the low price point it’d be understandable if, like me, you assume the sound quality is going to be poor. When you fire up the XSound Go with your favourite track you’ll be surprised at just how good it sounds, you get a really good quality sound for the low price tag.

Vocals were clear, there’s some bass (often missing in low-cost speakers) and it didn’t distort when cranking up the volume to a loud level. This doesn’t deliver the levels of bass of the Sumvision Psyc Monic, but that’s a slightly more expensive speaker, and the bass it does have is fine for out and about use.

Sound quality is very much on par with the Edifier MP-200, which is slightly smaller and is IP54 rated. Is the Tribit XSound Go waterproof? Yes, it is and in fact it’s IPX7 rated.

For the price, this portable budget Bluetooth speaker is a fantastic purchase, especially for those looking for a low-cost holiday speaker that gives a long playtime. The sound quality plus IPX7 rating means this is the perfect poolside companion.

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