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  • By: Mark J Draper
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Amazon is in the business of selling products but for many YouTube is the place to find product videos showing off the features and benefits, after all, it’s the second most popular website after Google (according to Alexa Feb 2020). The lack of product videos on Amazon leads to potential shoppers heading elsewhere to look for product information and reviews.

To help turn researching customers into paying customers Amazon is going big on video, inviting reviewers such as Mark Draper from to upload videos and attached them directly to a products page.

No product video? You’re missing out on sales

If you have a newly launched product your video section looks like this:

Amazon product no videos

No videos for people to watch, why is this a problem? Forbes reports that 90% of customers say videos help them make a purchasing decision with 64% of customers more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it. If you don’t have a video, you’re missing out on sales.

Amazon has allowed sellers to upload videos for a while, but they’re often flashy commercials, they don’t show what it’s really like to use the product.

Is a Product Video on Amazon a Customer Review?

While customer reviews might appear in the video section a product video on Amazon is not always a customer review. Amazon has been trialling the addition of product videos to listings that do not impact the product review score. The videos have no written component nor do they have a product score, they’re stand-alone videos.

Amazon product videos

The trial appears to have been successful as Amazon’s next move is to surface videos in search results, meaning products with videos could well have an advantage in search over those without.

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As well as product demonstrations Amazon allows short informative videos to be uploaded to its website and displayed across many products. Video shorts typically cover how-to and product comparison videos.

If your product features in such a video you can gain the benefit of additional exposure as a shopper might see your product when looking at competitors and decided to buy yours instead.

How do I get a product video on Amazon?

At the moment product videos can only be uploaded to If you’re an Amazon seller who would like a FREE product demonstration video fill out the below form and be prepared to provide a product sample to our UK address.