Neewer NL 660 Review

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  • Both yellow and white light
  • 3200 to 5600k
  • Good results
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As someone who publishes videos on YouTube I’m always looking up my game and have been using the Neewer NL 660 LED when filming.

Kindly sent to me to review by Neewer, there are a number of variations available. I’ve been sent the basic model which has the light only, you can also buy it with batteries, stands etc depending on your needs.

It arrived snugly fitted in it’s in a carry case fully assembled and first impressions were good, it looks and feels like a quality bit of kit.

The front panel is taken up with 660 LEDs (hence the NL 660 name), with each line alternating between white LEDs and yellow LEDs. Barn doors and a U bracket are pre-installed to allow you to easily adjust the light focus.

Around the back are the main controls: a dimmer for the white light, dimmer for the yellow light and a power switch. I really like that Neewer have added the option to power this via 2 F-970 batteries, meaning you don’t need a power outlet to use this light, perfect for outdoor filming/photography.

The power switch has 3 modes, off, mains power or battery power, it keeps things nice and simple so you don’t accidentally run down your batteries instead of using mains power.

The sample I was sent didn’t include a stand, I used a stand from my existing softboxes (the recently reviewed Mountdog softbox kit). I found the included power cable was too short and when on a stand the length left the power brick dangling in the air.

I’m not that experienced in using lights, the NL 660 light was very easy to set up and adjust to help enhance the videos I’ve shot. The dimmers offer great control over both the yellow and white LEDs, you can just use one, the other or mix them together and I’ve used all combinations in different situations.

As well as using this light when filming people I’ve also used it when filming products and in all situations I’ve found it helps enhance the shot once you set the correct lighting level (it can go very bright which can create a washed out look if the subject is too close).

Compared to my existing softboxes this is much easier to move around and set up, it doesn’t weigh much and the compact size means it’s easy to move into different locations.

If you’re looking to up your video quality I highly recommend the Neewer NL 660, it offers excellent value for money and gives great results. If you’ve no existing lighting equipment I recommend spending a little more and getting a bundle that includes a stand, and if filming outdoors make sure to get a bundle with the battery packs.

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9.5 Total Score

Compact portable light perfect for YouTubers

  • Both yellow and white light
  • 3200 to 5600k
  • Good results
  • Short power cable leaves power brick dangling
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