Designrr Review: Easily make eBooks and lead magnets

  • By: Mark J Draper
  • Time to read: 11 min.
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eBooks make fantastic lead magnets, or even items to sell, but how do you go about turning your valuable knowledge into a desirable eBook?

To make a killer e book to sell or use as a lead magnet get a copy of, it allows you to easily make professional looking eBooks from a wide range of source material, you can import from blogs, Word or Google documents and even import YouTube videos.

As the owner and contributor to several websites, I’m always interested in tools that can help me work smarter, not harder. After researching content marketing I came across Designrr, an online tool that helps you re-purpose your content such as blog posts, videos, presentations, or podcasts into beautiful eBooks you can either sell or give away as a lead magnet.

Why is this important? One of the key techniques for generating customer leads and collecting email addresses is to offer something in return for contact details. You may already have highly valuable content created, by re-purposing it into a downloadable eBook you can quickly grow a list of your target audience and this technique should be part of your business plan.

Read on for my Designrr review to see what an easy-to-use software tool it is.

What is Designrr?

Designrr is a website that allows you to quickly and easily make eBooks from your existing content. It does this by importing your existing content and automatically formatting it into one of the available templates, quickly giving you the basis of an awesome book that can be exported as a PDF ebook, epub, .mobi for Kindle or it can be embedded into your website as a flipbook via HTML code.

As it’s cloud-based it doesn’t require anything to be installed on your computer and it will work with across operating systems, so you can use this on an Mac or Windows computer. It’s not designed for use on mobiles.

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Designrr is a website that creates visual content for the web. It allows users to create infographics, diagrams, and other visual content with the click of a button.

Designrr is a web-based design tool that allows users to turn any content into lead magnets.

It includes 100+ templates and built-in designer and editor, making it easy to create ethical lead magnets.

Designrr is available now for a low one-time payment, making it a practical option for generating leads.

TL;DR Designrr Review Video

Who is Designrr For?

You might be wondering if this software is for you, perhaps you’re not an author or you don’t have a blog, so would it be useful for you?

As a content creation tool, Designrr can be used by anyone from a solo content creator to a marketing agency, there are lots of situations where an ebook creator would be useful.

Here are some example uses:

  • Businesses: Does your business provide a specialist service, for example Real Estate Agent?  A lead magnet introducing the key topics of your field (for example create a lead magnet explaining the buying/selling process), explain how your services can help with this process and include a call to action.
  • Crafters/Makers: Turn all your how to blog posts into a book to sell online.
  • Company Blogger: Use Designrr to create brand recognition by repurposing existing blog posts and white papers into eBooks or flipbooks you make available online.
  • Coach/Teacher: Not only can you create a valuable lead magnet about your topic of expertise, you can also turn your dull Word documents into wonderful looking books to provide students when they enrol.  Using templates will give your work a professional and consistent look.
  • Freelancers/Marketing Agencies: Take dull looking client content and quickly produce fantastic looking eBooks for them. Advertise this service on your website or job sites such as 
  • Podcasters: Transcribe your podcast episodes into show notes you can add to your website, instant blog post!
  • Video Content Creators: – Convert your YouTube videos into blog posts and eBooks.  Make use of the auto-transcript and screen capture feature to convert your video into text/pictures before adding in additional information and call to actions.

Content repurposing is effective for those who want to increase their visibility and reach online.

How can I repurpose my blog into an ebook?

You don’t need to be a marketer to make and use an e book, if you already have valuable content published you’re going to love Designrr, here’s an example of how quick it is to create a great looking lead magnet.

Sign up

You’ve two options, head over to the website and sign up to a pay monthly plan, or our affiliate link and grab the same deal for a single payment of just $27: GRAB DEAL

You’ll gain immediate access and can start creating new products, but how do you use Designrr?

  • Create a project
  • Import existing killer content
  • Select a template
  • Optional: Add stock images
  • Optional: Add video links
  • Format the layout
  • Export finished project

Create a Project

Once you sign up and sign in to your new account you can start creating awesome eBooks. To do so click the “+New Project” in the top right you can create a new project.

At this stage you need to select your source format. Designrr isn’t something you use without existing content, it’s not a word processor. You need to have your content ready to import with the most common sources being Word or Google documents or a blog post.

If you don’t yet have content to import you’ll need to create it, for example typing it up in a document.

You may see some sources are locked, that’s because there are extra features that can be unlocked via additional purchases, the $27 package is perfect for general use and allows importing material from Word, Google and blogs.

Designrr review:  Import Options
Designrrs wide range of import options

Clicking import from… will take you to an import screen where you can upload a file or paste the URL of your blog.

Bloggers may have a number of valuable articles they want to compile into a single eBook, there is a very handy option of pasting additional URLs to import to quickly combine multiple posts, genius!

I’ve tried this on a number of websites and the only issue I discovered was a problem attempting to import an Elementor page. I got in touch with the support team who quickly responded:

Designrr can import content from blog post in HTML. I have inspected your blog post code and I see is created with elementor and using lots of nested <DIV> container and Designrr cannot read it.

Designrr Support Team

Fear not, there is a simple workaround to this issue, you can start with a blank document and paste content from your webpage into the blank project.

Select a Template

After content has imported into Designrr review the templates you can apply. There is a good selection available, although if you plan on creating a lot of eBooks I strongly recommend upgrading to the Pro plan which has hundreds more than the basic plan.

Designrr eBook Templates

Each has a professional-looking cover which can be customised, changing everything from the text to the images used. The template sets the style for the entire eBook, picking colours, fonts and head/footer styles.

I really like the inclusion of a final page template. This page can have information about the author or contact details, and it is created in the same style as the cover.

Optional: Add Stock Images

A key benefit to working in Designrr is the inbuilt stock image library. You can add your own images but if you don’t have any and would like to access a fantastic range of professional looking image there is a built-in search and insert feature.

Designrr media manager

Type in your search term and get back a wide range of high-quality options. Later in the process you have the option to optimise images to reduce the overall file size of the document.

Optional: Add Videos

Although the menu item says ‘Embed video’ you don’t actually embed the file, instead when you drag the embed option onto the page you’re asked for the video URL and the thumbnail and video link are added to the document along with a play button.

This is especially useful when distributing your content digitally as your lead magnet can drive traffic to your videos, helping add people to your sales funnel.

Format the Layout

OK, eBooks can be created in 30 seconds, but they won’t be ready to use right away as you’ll need to clean up the layout by checking the formatting, page breaks, add images if required and generally check the content is presented as well as it can be.

This is best done once you have added all the text and media so you can get the finished document looking fantastic in one go.

The interface makes it easy to add new pages, import from an additional source, add a call to action and so much more.

designrr interface element

For most components you drag them onto the eBook area:

On the editing canvas content is arranged into blocks, a concept you’ll be familiar with if you’re a WordPress user. Each block has its own edit bar and can be classified as a type of text, for example, a heading (H1, H2 etc), paragraph or a list item.

I’ve found Designrr generally does an excellent job of maintaining the source formatting. You might find it looks different to your original source, that’s because the template colour and fonts have been applied.

The toolbard gives you the following edit options, from left to right:

Re-paginate: Editing can leave space on the page, repaginating removes white-space without interfering with your formatting. Clicking this sorts out the entire document.

Edit: Opens up a second menu with options to edit that blocks content.

You can change the font style, the size, create hyperlinks and merge blocks. Changes to things like the font only impact content in this block, whereas global changes are made in the Inspector panel (left side of the screen).

Lock: Each content block can be moved up/down. This is usually done via the move up/down buttons but you can also unlock the block and drag it into postion.

Clear formatting: Strips the block of all formatting.

Edit label: Add a label to a specific element, doing so allows you to create a link to the element elsewhere (think of it link an anchor on a HTML web page).

Format: Change the content from a paragraph block to a heading block.

Delete: Deletes the content block.

Save element: Save the content block for reuse, very handy if you create a lot of content that requires standard text to be added (e.g. ‘About me’ information).

Move element up: Move the content block up the page.

Move element down: You guessed it, moves the content block down the page.

Learn how: Opens a mini help guide for the toolbar.

Export Options

When your new masterpiece has been completed hit the Publish button to see how you can distribute it.

The most common option is to export as a PDF. Depending on the plan you’ve chosen you can also export it as a .mobi for Kindle, Epub or HTML. A very cool feature is the ability to generate a Flipbook embed code, if this is a file you’re not using as a lead magnet and aren’t selling visitors to your site can read it directly on your website.

Cover & Mockup Creator

A really nice addition for those on the Pro plan upwards is the inclusion of a 3d cover generation and mock-up generation tool. It takes your cover and can create a graphic showing it as a book, on a mobile or on a Kindle.

In addition, you can generate situational mock-ups such as by the pool for that aspirational feel.

How can I turn my YouTube video/Podcast into an eBook?

Although Designrr started out as a text/image importer the more advanced plans now allow you to create an eBook out of your videos (either a stand-alone file or YouTube video) as well as your Podcasts.

I can see this option being very useful for those who wish to convert a talk into an eBook to make available on a website. The process takes a little longer due to the speech recognition that takes place. Once completed you have a transcript of the audio and, if the source is a video, stills from your footage.

Depending on your topic you may have more work to do to knock this into an eBook, but it’s a brilliant option for those who want to avoid having to manually create a transcript.

Designrr Pricing Plans

As standard Designrr charges per month and offers 4 different plans:

  • $29 p/m – Standard
  • $39 p/m – Pro
  • $49 p/m – Premium
  • $99 p/m – Premium

Each increase in plan level provides you with additional features.

Designrr Pricing
Designrr Pricing March 2020

If you’re new to content repurposing the standard plan is the perfect way to get started. It gives you 100 project templates, no limit on the number of books created, use of copyright free images, page numbering and table of contents generator, and the ability to import from a wide range of sources including Microsoft Word, Google Docs and blog posts.

Desginrr Pro has all the standard features plus additional features such as 200 cover designs, additional project templates and the 3d cover tool, all excellent upgrades if you make heavy use of the platform to create beautiful ebooks.

The Premium plan unlocks 4 hours of transcriptions a month, very useful if you plan on creating ebooks from videos. It also gives you the option to export as a HTML embed code, so if your project was created from, for example, a Google doc you can use this plan to add it to your website.

The Business plan gives you 8 transcription hours a month.

Designrr Lifetime Access Deal

Thanks for making it this far into my Designrr review, now for a special offer you won’t want to miss:

I’m pleased to be able to offer you this one-off payment deal, the standard price is $29 a month but if you go via my affiliate link you can get access this brilliant software application for a single payment of $27! That’s it, no monthly payments, just a one off payment.

The single payment gives you access to the standard package which is perfect for those looking to create beautiful eBooks now and then. You always have the option to upgrade your plan if you want additional features such as more cover designs and templates.

Is Designrr worth getting?

If you follow my affiliate offer link and bag this for just $27 (about £22) you’ll get lifetime access to a slick cloud based software that will save you a lot of time. I consider myself to be a pro Microsoft Word user and Designrr is much easier to use for eBook creation.

It’s designed to do this one task and it does it very well. In the last year of use, I’ve seen the developers continue to add features (such as speech to text) as well as refine the interface.

I hope you’ve found my Designrr review helpful, after sever years of use I’d highly recommend getting the standard package for the lifetime price, see if you find it useful and if you want additional features you can always upgrade at a later date.