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Boltune ANC Headphones

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It’s been a while since I reviewed any headphones, I enjoyed opening up and trying out this set of Boltune Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) cans.

They’re really reasonably priced considering you get ANC built in. As well as headphones you get a nice carry case, aux cable and USB charging cable. Instructions were also included but I didn’t find I needed to refer to them, these were very easy to set up.

They are all black with a white ‘L’ and ‘R’ inside each cup to indicate left and right. Right side contains chunky button controls as well as the aux in port, left side has the charging port and microphone.

I was pleased to find instead of the usual beeps you get spoken feedback, for example it tells you it’s in pairing mode or that they’ve paid with a device, making it really clear what is going on.

They’re comfortable to wear with good padding around the top and around the ear cups, covering my ears rather than sitting on them. Even powered off they do a good job of isolating you from the outside world.

For a low price the sound quality is surprisingly good, a previously review set, August EP750, come close to this price but are still more expensive and I’d say the Boltune headphones are on par in terms of sound quality.

The snug fit means there isn’t much sound leakage, even at higher volumes. Active noise cancellation works well, it doesn’t completely remove all background noise (very handy when walking around, e.g. you want to hear vehicles), but it does reduce it to a level you can comfortably listen to your media without having to set the headphones to an uncomfortably loud volume.

They’ve a microphone built in allowing you to make/receive calls, you’ll see a demo of this in the review video, I think quality wise they’re fine for calls, not as good as the microphone in my mobile.

Are they the best sounding headphones I’ve ever used? No, but I wouldn’t expect them to be. The best sounding headphones I’ve tried cost hundreds, these don’t. Are they the best sounding lowest cost headphones with active noise cancellation I’ve every used? Absolutely!

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