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Braun Series 3 razor

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The Braun Series 3 electric shaver is a nicely sized electric razor that can be used at home or on the go.  Along with the Series 3 razor you get a carry case, cleaning brush, dock and charging cable.  The dock not only holds the Series 3 but also charges it, providing you’ve plugged the charging cable into the dock.  Being able to remove the cable from the dock is especially useful if you’re doing travelling and only want the cable.

The Series 3 shaver has lights on the front to indicate how much charge is left, and the battery life easily lasted a week from a full charge.

Around the back is an extendable section for use managing sideburns, this slides up when in use and neatly slides down and out of the way at all other times.

Braun Series 3 razorIn use the Series 3 is very versatile, you can use it with foam, gel, water or even dry.  There is no moisturizer built in which can leave you with dry skin if you don’t add some afterwards.  Being waterproof means you can use it in the shower, and it’s recommended that if using with water you keep the blades well oiled.

Correctly maintaining the blades will ensure they last around 18 months and they don’t appear to be too expensive, around £20 at the time of review, so the ongoing running costs are less than a top of the range wet razor that sees replacement blades costing £10 – £20 over 6 months.

So is the Series 3 the best a man can get?  It’s close, it gives a close shave, but it’s not as close as a good wet razor.  This has the advantage of being quick and easy to use, especially on the go, as you don’t need to use it with foam/gel, but it doesn’t manage to give as close a shave as you’d find from the likes of the Gillette Fusion but is far better on the skin than a cheap wet razor.

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