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We’ve tested out dozens of products over the last few years to bring you review of gadgets to take on the move.

  • DSC 0071

    Gadget Show Live 2014 Review

    Gadget Show Live 2014 has been and gone.  Held in the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, UK, the show is a mixture of demonstrations, selling, and entertainment.  Visiting for the day you’ll find you time split between playing with products in the main exhibition and attending a show put on by the shows presenters. Exhibition We…

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  • ECTech Battery

    EC Technology 22400mAh Portable Battery Review

    EC Technology are hoping to solve you on the go power woes with a range of travel batteries.  This review is of the 22400mAh Red and Black version, but there are lower capacity and different styled versions available. With so many devices being charged via USB these portable battery chargers are becoming increasingly popular for…

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  • Power Bank

    Dodocool 12000mAh Portable Power Bank Review

    If you’ve got a fairly recent battery guzzling phone then you’ll know how annoying it can be to be out and about and running low on power. And after a couple of years of charge/discharge a lot of phones struggle to make it through the day on a single charge and are sealed so you…

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  • Travel adapt

    Dodocool World Travel Adapter Review

    Travel adapters are one of those must take items that usually occupy much needed space in your suitcase. Dodocool have come up with a smart idea to overcome this by making several adapters in one. The Dodocool Travel Adapter has a plastic body which houses multiple pins, allowing you to pick which country plug you need with…

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  • TomTom Go 5000

    TomTom Go 5000 Review

    TomTom Go 5000 represents one of the newest models in the revamped TomTom range. Compared to older models (e.g. the TomTom Go 530) it’s a huge upgrade, from the interface to the time taken to calculate routes.

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  • DSC 3061

    Zombie Bootcamp Review

    The Zombie Bootcamp is described by the organisers as a kinetic event, a spot on description that gives little idea into what’s in store for you.  Having recently undergone the experience as part of a stag do let me save you some time in reading the below with the following summary: If you are (relatively)…

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  • harry potter new

    Harry Potter: Warner Brother Studio Tour

    Harry Potter has had a worldwide cultural impact that will resonate for years to come.  With fans worldwide but no more books or films to look forward to just how will fans get their fix?  If the Warner Brother Harry Potter Studio Tour the answer? Well the short answer is yes!  If you’re a Harry…

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  • 2012 08 31 08.06.051

    I Amsterdam City Card Review

    The I Amsterdam city card offers loads of inspiration if you’re looking to explore the cultural side of Amsterdam and are not sure where to start.  It’s simple to use and will have easily paid for itself by the end of your trip. The I Amsterdam City Card is a simple concept; You pre purchase…

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