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The Edifier R2000DB are a pair of glossy black speakers that can be used with a range of devices.  The interesting twist is that they don’t require an amp, and in the case of mobiles/tablets/PCs they don’t ever require a wired connection as they can be paired via Bluetooth.

As well as the R2000DB speakers Edifier have included a range of cables, there is one (long) cable for connecting the left and right speaker, a 3.5 to RCA cable, an RCA to RCA cable and an optical cable.  This is a great selection and ensure you can hook your speakers to all sorts of devices without having to spend more on additional cables.

The speakers look great, with a clean simple design to them.

Around the back of the left speaker is just a single port for the speaker-to-speaker wire.  Around the back of the right speaker are the various connections for use with the included cables, power button and bass and treble adjustors to allow you to tweak the sound.

A small remote is included that allows you to change input (e.g. Bluetooth to optical) and adjust volume, but this doesn’t allow you to pause/skip tracks, not a big issue as you may not even use the Bluetooth feature so leaving off such controls keeps the remote nice and compact although it’s a little tricky to see the controls in the dark.

The R2000DB are bookshelf speakers and are designed to be stood up, with little feet pads on the bottom, they’re not designed to be wall mounted.

If using with Bluetooth the setup is as easy as any other Bluetooth speaker, just look for it in the Bluetooth menu and pair your device with the speakers.

As you’d hope for speakers at this level the sound quality is excellent, easily filling the room without having to turn them up loud and with there being two speakers you get full stereo.

The Edifier R2000DB deliver a good bass without drowning out vocals and there is no hint of distortion when playing at a higher volume, making them great for gaming or watching films, and not just listening to music.

Note that these speakers do not have Wi-Fi and so services such as Spotify connect are unavailable.

These are a fantastic pair of speakers that offer a lot of flexibility thanks to the inclusion of Bluetooth, a range of connection options and great sound quality with a pumping bass.  You can quickly go from playing music from your mobile via Bluetooth to having them act as TV speakers via the optical cable.

Available from Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/1PijzxZ and Amazon USA: https://amzn.to/1QzRinK

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