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Edifier’s designers are not afraid to buck the norm and the S880DB bookshelf speakers are a great example of this, rather than the usual black speaker boxes they’ve created speakers with a bright white front and light wood side panels.

It’s a subtler approach to other designs they’ve done such as bright red Luna speakers but they still stand out as different from the norm. They also bost the title of first Hi-Res Audio certified speakers from Edifier.

Interestingly they don’t include protective speaker grills, but as they’re designed to be placed on a bookshelf out the way this (hopefully) won’t be a problem for you.

Inputs and Setup

They feature a small input display panel on the front showing which input you’re currently listening to and you have a good range of options. You can connect via RCA, AUX, USB (for computer input, not a USB stick), optical, coaxial, or Bluetooth. All inputs are round the back of the right-hand speaker, which powers the left speaker via a cable.

Edifier includes a range of cables, you shouldn’t need to purchase anything extra to get these hooked up to your audio source. They also include a cable for connecting both speakers together, it’s about 3 meters/10 foot long and it’s very thick. The length means you can get a good stereo separation, but it also means you’ll have another cable to hide/tidy up.

There are controls around the back of the right-hand speaker for bass, treble, volume and input selector. Volume and input selector can also be controlled via the included puck-shaped remote control.


Power up the Edifier S880DBs and you’re treated to a room-filling sound that doesn’t distort when you up the volume. The compact size and clarity mean they’re also a good choice as near placed computer speakers.

They performed well with music, I streamed a range of songs from Spotify and they all sounded great. You can push the volume up to far louder than I’d ever use, impressive for the compact space-saving design.

With the Bluetooth connection, you can easily swap from Spotify to Netflix to your favourite mobile game and the speakers enhance them all compared to your mobile sound system.

Are the Edifier Airpulse A200 speakers comparable to the Edifier S880DB speakers in terms of performance and features?

When comparing the Edifier Airpulse A200 speakers to the Edifier S880DB speakers in terms of performance and features, the edifier airpulse a200 review points out that both models offer exceptional sound quality and versatile connectivity options. However, the A200 speakers are known for their superior studio-quality sound, making them a top choice for audiophiles.

Should you buy the S8800DB Speakers?

With a smart design, great sound quality and lots of inputs the only real downside I could find was having to connect them to each other via cable, which means you need to be smart in your positioning. Of course, the advantage of this is you only take up a single plug socket, ideal for any room with limited power outlets.

They can be used as both bookshelf speakers or on the desk computer speakers and the remote means you don’t need to always reach around the back to change inputs.

Another solid outing from Edifier.

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