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The Airpulse A200 speaker system is a big pair of speakers offering a big sound. They’re black on the front with a cherry red finish for the cabinet.   There’s an amplifier built in so you can use these directly with your music source, no need for an additional amplifier. The right hand speaker is the active speaker and around the back you’ll find a variety of connectors: stereo RC inputs, stereo balanced XLR inputs, coaxial input, optical input and you can also connect to these via Bluetooth (with AptX supported).  The right speaker also has controls for bass, treble and a volume/input two in one control, much like the recently reviewed Edifer S2000 Pro speaker set. A200 knobs As well as controls on the back a small remote is included, or you can control the volume on your mobile if connected via Bluetooth.  And you’ll need to if you want to use streaming services, in an ages of services such as Spotify it’s disappointing to find this very expensive set doesn’t have any inbuilt streaming features, you’ll need to either stream from your mobile or connect something that streams from Spotify. Setup doesn’t take long, active speakers such as this always may it easy to get setup as you just need to plug in the power and connect your source(s) and you’re good to go.  Keep in mind these are fairly large speakers, measuring W203 x H355 x D295 (mm) and they weigh 19KG (42lbs). Sound quality is very good, easily filling a room with nice clear and detailed audio.  You can crank the volume up without distortion (but with complaints from the neighbors!), and although a decent amount of bass is present tuning the bass knob up didn’t result in the thumping output you might expect. The Airpulse A200 speaker set offer a big sound our of a big set of speakers, but they come with a big price attached. And it’s that high price that causes a problem as while these speakers are excellent they didn’t seem significantly better than other Edifier speakers previously reviewed that cost a LOT less than the A200s. The Airpulse A200 speaker system is available from: Amazon.co.uk: httpss://amzn.to/2Lt8jnD Amazon.com: httpss://amzn.to/2Lr1jaX

Are the Edifier R1800BT Bluetooth Speakers similar to the Edifier Airpulse A200?

Yes, the Edifier R1800BT Bluetooth speakers and the Edifier Airpulse A200 are similar in terms of their high-quality audio performance and sleek design. However, the Airpulse A200 is known for its superior sound quality and higher price point compared to the edifier r1800bt bluetooth speakers.

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