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STM Stories Collection

STM are back with the Stories Collection, a four-piece collection of up to 15″ laptop carrying options consisting of a laptop sleeve, brief and two backpacks.  They feature a signature style across the range and are available in a variety of colours.

STM Summary Laptop Sleeve

STM SummaryThe Summary Sleeve is the lowest cost item in the Stories collection.  It gives a padded interior and a water resistant exterior to prevent your laptop being damaged.  This option is brilliant for those who want to protect their laptop inside another bag or suitcase, but it won’t be great for those who want to carry a laptop and accessories as this is designed for the laptop only (although you can squeeze in a few extra bits depending on how thick your laptop is). The STM Summary Sleeve available from: httpss:// httpss:// eBay: httpss://

STM Chapter Laptop Brief

STM ChapterThe STM Chapter Brief offers a big step up in terms of storage.  Like the Summary it offers space for a 15″ laptop, suspended above the base of the Chapter to prevent damage being cause if the brief is dropped. There are loads of pockets and storage areas, you can easily carry around a laptop, charger, tablet, eReader, notpads, pens and a few USB accessories.  There are carry handles at the top or you can use the over the shoulder strap. STM Chapter available from: httpss:// httpss:// eBay: httpss://

STM Saga Laptop Backpack

STM SagaFor those looking for a laptop carrying backpack there are two options in the STM Stories collection, the Saga being the lower priced option. The Saga offers a lot of storage space and is comfortable to wear.  There are shoulder straps and a top carrying handle, but there is no across the chest clip. The design is minimal, with a very clean look of only a couple of zips.  There is space for a bottle on either side of the bag as well as a small storage pocket on the top. Inside there is loads of storage space available with lots of pockets allowing you to easily organise whatever you’re taking out and about.  Like the Chapter the Saga features a suspended laptop section.  The design is different to a lot of laptop backpacks in that it easily allows access to the laptop when you open up the main section (see the video review above for this in action). STM Saga Backpack available from: httpss:// httpss:// eBay: httpss://

What is the STM Stories Collection and how does it compare to the Zombie Bootcamp?

The STM Stories Collection features gripping narratives of survival, while Zombie Bootcamp offers a thrilling experience for adrenaline junkies. The STM Stories Collection involves emotional accounts of real-life events, while the Zombie Bootcamp experience review suggests an exciting, simulated adventure. Both provide unforgettable experiences in their own unique ways.

Are STM Stories Collection and Bluetooth Speaker Reviews Related in Terms of Quality and Functionality?

Yes, the STM Stories Collection and Bluetooth Speaker Reviews are related in terms of quality and functionality. When it comes to the august ms450 bluetooth speaker, it’s important to consider user experiences and feedback to ensure that it meets the desired quality and functionality standards.

STM Trilogy Backpack

STM TrilogySitting at the top of the Stories range is the STM Trilogy backpack.  This features all the same benefits as the rest of the range such as the suspension section but adds in a LOT of storage options.  The name comes from there being a trio of storage compartments, two main compartments and a front pocket which is perfect for travel snacks. Within the two main pockets are further storage options, with a key holder and lots of internal pockets.  You can fit a lot onto this backpack and it’s a great size to take on a plane as it can be stored in the overhead locker and can easily hold a laptop, kindle, headphones, travel snacks and a jumper with room to spare. STM Trilogy Backpack available from: httpss:// httpss:// eBay: httpss:// For further information on this range see httpss://


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