Edifier S350DB 2.1 Bookshelf Speaker and Subwoofer Review




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The Edifier S350DV 2.1 speaker set offer a versatile system that can be used up close on a PC or further away on a TV when watching films. This is a weighty set of speakers that arrive in a single, well packaged, box that you may require help (or a trolley) to carry. As well as the left/right speaker and sub woofer you get all the cables to get setup.  The cables are a good length for the average user to use this with a PC or TV. Unlike the recently reviewed Edifier Spinnaker speaker system the S350DB speaker set takes a more traditional approach to it’s look, with a black front that exposes the speakers that are encased in a nice red wood enclosure. Edifier S350DB Speaker Set As well as the speakers and cables you also get a round remote control.  The remote takes a CR2025 battery (included with the speakers) and it allows you to change which input is used as well as the volume. The right hand speaker also has controls for volume and input as well as additional controls to adjust the treble and bass levels.  It also features a small screen which displays the input source. In terms of technical specs Edifier lists the following:
  • POWER OUTPUT:Edifier S350DB Accessories
    • R/L(treble): 15W+15W
    • R/L(midrange and bass): 25W+25W
    • SW: 70W
  • SIGNAL TO NOISE RATIO: R / L: ≥ 80dB (A) ; SW: ≥ 85dB
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE: R/L: 160Hz -20KHz ; SW: 40Hz –160Hz
    • PC : R/L: 600±50mV ; SW: 270±20mV
    • AUX: R/L: 400±50mV ;
    • SW: 200±20mV
    • Optical/Coaxial:R/L: 400±50mFFS ;
    • SW: 200±20mFFS Bluetooth: R/L: 400±50mFF;
    • SW: 200±20mFFS
    • PC AUX
    • Optical
    • Coaxial,
    • Bluetooth
    • Subwoofer: 312*265*298mm
    • Satellite: 222H x 127W x 156Dmm (8.75H x5W x 6Dinches)
  • WEIGHT: 19.1kg
The inputs are located around the back of the subwoofer and setup is very easy, just plug the two speakers into the sub and connect your audio source and you’re done! Once powered up your ears are in for a treat whatever the source, the S350DBs are great for music, movies, TV or gaming.  They’ve a great volume range, low enough to be comfortable sitting close up (for example using them with a PC), loud enough to fill a room with music or entertain you on the sofa while you watch the latest blockbuster. Connection via Bluetooth was very simple and great if you’re using these with a portable device such as a mobile, tablet or laptop.  You’ll see a laptop playing a game in the video below, this was connected to the speakers via Bluetooth and there wasn’t any noticeable lag in the audio compared to the on screen action. Sound quality is very good, personal preference meant the bass and treble were set to the max to produces a lovely clear, and thumping, sound.  The speakers handled the thumping bass of Sugar by Editors, to the guitar backed harmonies of Turin Brakes without any issues at all.  Lyrics were clear, the bass, where required, kicked nicely and there was no noticeable distortion when turning up the volume, easily filling the room. The Edifier S350DB speaker set are available from: Amazon.co.uk: httpss://amzn.to/2KdpE02 Amazon.com: httpss://amzn.to/2Mh43nY Amazon.ca: httpss://amzn.to/2K2HpmG eBay: httpss://ebay.to/2JZpTzH

Are the Edifier R1010BT Bookshelf Speakers comparable to the Edifier S350DB 2.1 Bookshelf Speaker and Subwoofer?

Looking for an edifier r1010bt speakers review? When comparing the Edifier R1010BT Bookshelf Speakers with the Edifier S350DB 2.1 Bookshelf Speaker and Subwoofer, consider the size of the room and the desired sound quality. While the S350DB offers more power and a subwoofer, the R1010BT is a more compact and affordable option.

Edifier S350DB 2 1 Bookshelf Speaker and Subwoofer Video Review


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