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When it comes to speakers, your choices are generally variations of a cube.  They might be tall, short, stand vertically or horizontally, and they’re generally either black or wood effect. But what if there was a different way? 

Enter the Gravastar Mars Pro, a robotic-looking Bluetooth speaker that has probably been sent back in time to wipe out boring-looking speakers.

I’ve been sent the tamest looking version, a nice friendly looking white design with 3 crab-like legs.  A quick look on Amazon reveals a number of other designs, which means if you want a couple of these they don’t have to look the same.


  • Zinc alloy shell
  • TWS stereo pairing
  • Bluetooth 5.0

This speaker is small in size but big on style! Its unique design allows you to place it in a variety of places, including your car, the kitchen, bedroom or office.

In the Box

The sci-fi design extends to the packaging. The box I have is silver with black text and reminds me of 80s cartoon inspired, like Transformers and Mask.  When you open the box you see a speaker logo cut into the packaging.

Remove that top section and you’ll find the speaker, manual, USB-C charging cable and a 3.5 aux to USB cable.

The speaker was heavier than I expected, which gave me a good feeling about the sound quality.

Build & Aesthetic

The range is certainly one of the most unique I’ve ever seen, with each looking more like a model robot than a speaker.  The tripod design lends itself to being placed on a bookcase or bedside table, this thing looks great and shouldn’t be hidden away.

On the top is a touch control for volume and a set of buttons to control power, the LED lights and music playback.

On the base is a USB-C port for charging the internal battery.  The battery doesn’t just power the speaker, but also a set of RGB lights dotted around the front, back and legs.  You can cycle through different RGB lighting modes or even turn them off.

The legs have a slight fold in them, allowing you to make the speaker more compact for travel.  Note that there isn’t a travel case included; if you planned on moving this around it’s a good idea to keep hold of the box.

Aside from the power and LED light controls you can use your mobile to control playback of music and volume levels.

Can the Gravastar Mars Pro be Compared to the Edifier R2000DB Bluetooth Speakers?

The Gravastar Mars Pro is a unique speaker, but it cannot be compared to the Edifier R2000DB Bluetooth Speakers. The Edifier R2000DB Bluetooth speakers are known for their high-quality sound and advanced Bluetooth connectivity, setting them apart from other speakers in the market.

Sound Quality

For a compact portable speaker you get an excellent listening experiance. 

Maximum volume easily fills a room and doesn’t sound distorted as some speakers are prone to do.  Vocals are clear, and the bass is impressive for a portable speaker.

While a single speaker looks and sounds great, this does have a digital trick up its robotic legs.  With Bluetooth 5.0 and True Wireless Stereo (TWS) on board you’ve the option of paring this with another Gravastar Mars Pro speaker for a stereo setup.  I only had the one so couldn’t try adding a slave speaker.

With an impressive claim of 15hr battery life this is a good option if you want a wireless speaker that can be easily moved around.  It looks just as good in the garden as it does on a bookshelf.

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