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The Edifier R1010BT speakers are compact budget bookshelf speakers suitable for a range of uses. They’re available in two styles, black and wood, both feature a yellow speaker which can be hidden via a removable black front plate.  These have a far more traditional style to them compared to the recently reviewed Edifier Luna E235, sticking to the tried and tested cuboid shape but adding softer rounded edges than you might expect from this style of speaker. The overall styling makes them look more premium than the price tag would suggest, and each speaker has a power output of 12W, easily enough to fill a room. The speakers come with everything you need to get started, you have the option of two line in phono inputs as well as connecting via Bluetooth, but no optical input.  They’re small enough to easily pop on a bookshelf or next to the TV on your TV stand but that doesn’t mean they have a diminutive sound. As well as the input connectors you’ve got bass, volume and a power switch around the back.  This is where you’ll also find the spring connectors that are used to wire the speakers together. Back of Edifier R1010BT A connecting cable is included but you’ve always got the option of using a longer cable if you want the speakers further apart than the provided cable allows. Unfortunately no remote control is included, You press the volume knob to swap between Bluetooth or analogue inputs, so you’ll need to make sure your placement of the speakers allows you access round the back if you want to make any adjustments, not as much of a problem if your source device has controls. Only one of the speakers needs to be plug into a power socket, the integrated power cable is a little short so while you’ve some degree of freedom in placement of the second speaker the first will need to be close to the power. If you’re use to using your laptop, mobile or TV speakers you’ll notice a huge difference when you power these up for the first time. They have a 4″ woofer and 13mm tweeter which give you a warm, room filling, sound.  The adjustable bass is really good for the compact size and you’ll hear in the video below just how much better music and films sound with the speakers over using built in speakers. The wallet friendly price point puts these speakers up against Bluetooth and smart speakers.  The R1010BTs certainly sound a lot better than either the Amazon Echo or Google Home, and while there isn’t any WiFi connectivity you could easily add some streaming smarts via the recently reviewed low cost AudioCast dongle. The Edifier R1010BT offer a great option for those looking to upgrade from basic speakers, such as those found in laptops, they’d also be a good pick for a second system, in the spare room perhaps.  Pricing wise they might come up against some Bluetooth and smart speakers, but features wise they offer good stereo separation and the ability to be used in a wider range of situations. The Edifier R1010BT bookshelf speakers are available from: – Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/2giOYrV – eBay: https://ebay.to/2ygWI4C – Amazon com: https://amzn.to/2zolg9x – Amazon ca: https://amzn.to/2xF7b5J

What are the differences in sound quality between the Edifier R1010BT Bookshelf Speakers and the Edifier MP200 Mini Speaker?

The Edifier R1010BT Bookshelf Speakers deliver powerful and clear sound quality, ideal for home entertainment systems. On the other hand, the Edifier MP200 Mini Speaker is compact and portable, providing impressive sound quality on the go. Both speakers offer unique advantages depending on your needs and preferences.

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