Edifier Luna E235 THX certified Active 2.1 Speaker System Review



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The Edifier Luna E235 are a very cool looking 2.1 speaker setup.

The arrived in a fairly standard box, but inside each speaker is individually bagged, giving a premium feel to the unboxing.

This premium feel continues as you check out the striking design, the glossy red and black colour scheme looks fantastic on the curvalicious design, a really nice change from the usual black box design often associated with speakers, although if you prefer the more traditional look a black version is available.

Along with the 3 speakers you get 2 power cables (one for the left and right speakers, one for the subwoofer), a cable to connect the left and right speaker, a remote and various input cables (the E235 can be connected via an aux cable or optical cable).

The subwoofer doesn’t need a cable to connect to the other speakers, it pairs with them over its own 2.4Ghz wireless connection.

Edifier Luna E235 full sysem

Each of the speakers has a reassuring heft to it, with the sub being very weighty.  To prevent the sub from damaging its own power cable it has been designed to allow the speaker to sit over the cable without compromising the overall look.

As mentioned, you can connect to the Luna E235 setup via an aux cable or an optical cable.  In addition, you can also connect via Bluetooth, allowing you to steam from your mobile or laptop.

You’ll need to connect some sort of music source as Edifier haven’t included the ability to use WiFi music streaming sources such as Spotify, a pity given the high asking price.

In the review video below you’ll see an Audiocast dongle in use.  This is a very low cost addition that adds streaming services as well as the option to use the E235 as part of a multi speaker setup, given how low cost the Audiocast is it’s a great little upgrade and hopefully Edifier can incorporate Audiocast type functionality directly into future speakers.

You use the included remote to select your audio source. The remote, which looks rather ordinary compared to the speakers, also allows you to control the volume of the left/right speakers separately from the subwoofer, and gives you mode options of ‘Music’, ‘THX’ and ‘3D’.

As you’d expect from Edifier the speakers sound brilliant, filling the room effortlessly with a nice quality sound and good thumping bass.  There isn’t any distortion at high volume levels and the overall quality is fantastic for music, movies, TV or gaming.

The little speakers actually sound really good even when the bass isn’t on (as discovered when forgetting to plug the subwoofer), so if you’re short on space don’t discount getting the two speakers on their own.

Available from Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/2vriBwU and the little speakers on their own are available on Amazon USA: https://amzn.to/2vC28q9 and Amazon.ca: https://amzn.to/2whnG8v

Edifier Luna E235 THX certified Active 2.1 Speaker System Video Review





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