Fantaseal C Shape Camera Mount Review

Kindly given to me to review this is the first time I’ve tried a camera mount that isn’t a traditional tri-pod. It arrives without any instructions, but having looked at the pictures on Amazon it was very obvious what all the parts do.

There is the main C shape grip, a mobile phone mount, an action camera mount and an additional adapter that can be attached to the top of the main grip.

The C shape grip is, unsurprisingly, c shaped! As you’ll see in the review video there are two points that allow items to be mounted. On the very top is a bracket allowing things like lights or mics, and you can also add a mobile phone holder to use as a screen to any camera which can transmit it’s image to a mobile.

Fantaseal C Shape Camera Mount

On the main section is an adjustable mount for the main camera, this is designed to be used with everything from a mobile phone (via the included mount) up to a DSLR. They’re all held in place using a standard tripod thread, make sure this is done up tight with heavy equipment such as DSLRs else the camera might rotate slightly when in use.

The mount has little landing struts which are good for when you want to pop the camera down, it means you don’t need to worry about the camera getting dirty and it also gives a lower camera position that most tripods would allow.

In use this feels very comfortable to hold, you can either hold it on the side or on the top and it’s a much more comfortable way of getting low down video shots. Even with equipment on this felt comfortable to use.

One thing to note is that this doesn’t have anything to remove bumps, the camera is fixed to the mount and any sudden movement in the mount will be reflected in your footage, although a lot of cameras these days are excellent at stabilizing images.

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5 / 5 stars     


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