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The Furna E2 Electric Standing Desk is designed to combat a problem of the modern world: sitting at a desk all day.

There have been all sorts of headlines about the problems of staying seated all day, the sit/stand desk is a potential solution. When redoing my editing area it was time to pick a new desk and the E2 desk ticked all the boxes, it was an electric standing desk with multiple profiles that could lift a decent weight (100kg).

The Furna Problem

In researching new desks I came across Furna, not a company I’d heard of but one that had a lot of good reviews.

The website claims fast delivery, at the time of inquiry I was warned there was a stock issue and it’d take a week before it would arrive. No problem, happy to wait a week and it coincided with me being on leave.

Didn’t get anything from them about delivery so I contacted them and found out it would be another week. They didn’t think to keep me informed about this delay, not ideal but OK, it is around Christmas.

Waited another week and it finally arrived…very badly damaged!

Contacted Furna, “very sorry, we can swap it or you can keep it for a £50 refund”. I chose to swap, I wanted a nice new desk, not a broken one.

Today should’ve been the day a replacement top arrived and the broken top was collected. Instead today is the day the broken top wasn’t collected, and a replacement desk top in a smaller size arrived. 

It’s hard to get hold of staff, they’re slow to respond to emails, they don’t pick up the phone and they don’t reply to tweets. When they did eventually get back in touch they explained the key issue was a new delivery company causing the damage, they arranged for a different company to finally delivery an in tact desk top.

E2 Electric Desk

So on to the actual desk! You’ll have to assemble it, instructions aren’t included in the packaging, you’ll need to get them from Furna’s website.

The desktop and legs are available in a range of colours and is optional, you could just purchase the electric motors and fit your own desktop. Given the delivery problems I had were all to do with the desktop that might be a better option!

It’s fairly easy to assemble as long as you have some tools and someone on hand to help, the desk is heavy and that second person is invaluable when you’re flipping it over and popping into position.

There is a wire hole in the desk allowing you to feed wires to the underside. I had a under desk cable tray included which is very handy for holding an extension lead, meaning all power cables go to the desk tray and just a single cable comes down from the desk.

There are a number of wire tidying straps included, these get stuck to the desk via the stick back but unfortunately they’re not strong enough to hold some of the wires and they have a habit of falling off.

Once it’s all setup you’re able to set 4 different profiles, or height positions, which are allocated to the 1 – 4 keypad. This allows you to quickly swap between different positions at the push of a button, rather than having to long hold the up/down key.

On the desk you can have up to 100kg of stuff, it easily takes a desktop PC, monitors and various peripherals.

The up/down action is fairly swift and isn’t especially loud. When low it’s just a normal desk. Standing position takes a bit of getting use to, and I defiantly recommend an anti fatigue mat, but is a great option that leaves you feeling more energized as you’re able to move around a lot more.

It’s been 3 months now and so I can say that despite the terrible delivery problems the Furna E2 is a really great desk and great value for money, by far the best value for money standing desk I could find.

Hopefully Furna can learn from their mistakes and learn to provide much better customer service.

The Furna E2 Electric Standing Desk is available from

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