GGMM D6 Echo Dot Speaker Review

  • By: Mark J Draper
  • Time to read: 2 min.
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The GGMM D6 speaker housing has been designed for those with a 2nd generation Echo Dot who want to give it an upgrade.

The cylindrical speaker is available in both black and white and it takes very little time to setup.  Unscrew the top, connect the power and aux cable to your Dot and get it situated correctly and the reattach the top.

The Echo Dot is held firmly in place and it looks like it’s part of the speaker.  You’ll see the white version in the video review below, the black of the Dot contrasting with the white of the case looks brilliant.

The D6 speaker can be powered by a micro USB cable, so you can use the same cable you used with your Echo Dot.  There is a small button on the D6 to power up the Dot, once powered up it’s business as usual as far as using Alexa.

There are two big difference when using the D6, the first is that the Dot has a better speaker, the second is that it becomes portable.

That’s right, you can unplug the D6 from the power cable and the built in battery will keep the Dot powered up and working, meaning you can take Alexa out and about with you…providing you have an internet connection.

The speaker is better than the Echo Dots speaker, but it’s not going to win any awards.  It’s louder and adds a bit of extra bass, but not much.  If you’re not fussed about portability or extra cables you’d get a better sound quality pairing the Dot with a speaker such as the Sumvision Psyc Monic.

Part 23 - ATV fiberglass speaker bo...
Part 23 - ATV fiberglass speaker box - Added a trailer light connector for a quick connect.

The GGMM D6 is a great idea and it looks brilliant, so for those with a Dot who want a nice tidy solution while giving their Amazon Dot 2nd gen a speaker upgrade it’s well worth considering.  If that sounds like you it’s available from: – 20% off with code L58RTPVT

GGMM D6 Echo Dot Speaker Video Review