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Enter this code at the checkout for £20 off your first order: MARK44245 Gousto.co.uk aims to help you out in the kitchen by sending you all the ingredients you need, along with instructions, for tasty meals.  The difference between Gousto and veg boxes is that you’re not left to figure out how to turn the ..

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Gousto.co.uk Review

Enter this code at the checkout for £20 off your first order: MARK44245

Gousto.co.uk aims to help you out in the kitchen by sending you all the ingredients you need, along with instructions, for tasty meals.  The difference between Gousto and veg boxes is that you’re not left to figure out how to turn the contents into something yummy.

You start at the website, which is nicely designed and explains the process really well. Just follow the instructions on the site and you’ll be signed up and placing your first order in no time.

You can request Gousto provide enough ingredients for either 2 or 4 people, although it’s worth noting that many of the 2 people dishes could likely be split between 3 people unless you’re REALLY hungry!

Gousto have made selecting meals very easy, the website shows a title and photo, with additional information (such as ingredients) readily available for review before selecting it as meal. Once selected just sit back and wait for delivery day, at the time of review either a Wednesday or a Friday.

You don’t need to be in to accept your box, good job as the delivery slot is basically any time during the day, and you can specify a safe place to leave it (for example in the porch, with numer 16 etc).

The ingredients arrive in a simple cardboard box that has a couple of compartments. In one section are ingredients that are OK to be left at room temperature, such as garlic or canned tomatoes. The other section contains a cool bag with the rest of the ingredients such as meats or cheese.

Gousto Food

It’s a simple, but well thought out, system that ensure you don’t need to worry about the food being left out of the fridge all day.

Also included in box are recipe cards for your meals and, with the first box, a ring binder to store the cards in, the idea being that over time and multiple orders you’ll build up a Gousto recipe book.

On one side of the card Gousto have provided a description of the dish along with a list of ingredients needed. On the other side are the instructions, broken down into steps, to follow to make the dish. Both sides reference quantities for both a 2 person or 4 person dish (4 person quantities are listed in red) making it very easy to follow, although if you do need a little extra help you can visit the Gousto YouTube channel.

In terms of cost, 3 meals for 2 people comes in at around £35, and you’re told on the website how much it’ll cost per portion.

The ingredients provided for the 3 meals were checked on Ocado where they came in costing £40. Note that this wasn’t a like for like order as Gousto provide you with exact quantities, whereas with Ocado you have to pick the closest quantity, which is often more than is required.   With Ocado already offering a wide range of recipes it’s surprising they haven’t done something similar to this themselves.

The delivery of exactly the quantities you need solves a common cooking problem: you end up with lots of leftover ingredients and don’t know what to do with them.

Unless you’re a creative chef who is able to turn a random collection of stuff into a beautiful meal the likelihood is some of it will go to waste, and that makes Gousto a very efficient way of cooking with fresh produce.

The menu selection so far has been varied and interesting, and it needs to keep offering up new suggestions to keep you interested and engaged.  If you go on holiday or just need a break you can stop receiving the boxes, so there isn’t any commitment from you.

Gousto offer an evolution of the humble veg box, one that opens the door to new recipes without the problem of tracking down ingredients.  If you’ve not got a huge amount of cooking skill it’s the perfect way to learn how to make simple, but tasty, dishes.  It’s a simple idea that’s been well executed and it’s well worth giving it a go, especially as with this code you’ll get £20 off your first order: MARK44245.

Note that this is a referral code and if used I’ll get a credit on my account (thanks!), so if you like the service make sure to pass YOUR code on to your friends and family.

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