How to become a product reviewer

You’ve checked out my website and YouTube channel and like the idea of reviewing products, but where do you start? I’ve been reviewing products for years, if I were to start from scratch now I’d do things VERY differently, this is how I would become a product reviewer today.

This is the approach I’d take:

  • Focus on a single topic rather than reviewing anything and everything
  • Set up a WordPress site but write articles about this topic, not about products
  • Set up a companion YouTube channel that talks about the topic, not just products
  • Set up an Instagram account and add photos about the topic, where you are reviewing something add relevant product review hashtags
  • When accepting reviews don’t agree to “5 star review” requests, be honest about the products

There isn’t a quick way to get lots of free stuff, it takes time to establish yourself but it can still be done if you have a passion for a certain topic.

For example, you might love a particular spot. You’d start a website/YouTube channel to answer questions about that sport, become an authority, and then introduce reviews of the best sports equipment.

I’m currently considering creating a course to show you how to get set up as a reviewer with a website and YouTube channel. If that sounds interesting register your interest and I’ll be in touch.