Inateck LB1406 Laptop Shoulder Bag Review



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Inateck have produced a lot of decent, well priced, gadgets over the years, but this is the first time an Inatech laptop bag has been reviewed.  As with their electronics gadgets you get a good quality item for not very much money. Available in black and grey the LB1406 Inateck laptop bag is compatible with 14″ laptops/ultrabooks, the new 15″ MacBook Pro and it has a front pocket that can fit a 10.5″ iPad Pro if you need some additional gadget space. The outside has a PU leather section to add a level of abrasion resistant and overall it’s water resistant. Inateck Laptop Bag features Inside you can store your laptop as well as a number of other items.  There are several pockets that allow for accessory storage (for example your charger or an external hard drive) and there is room for the traditional pad and pen if required. The bag has a metal handles, for those who prefer carrying on the shoulder a strap is included.  The strap can be easily clipped on or taken offer and it’s comfortable on the shoulder. For those flying there is a handy luggage trolley handle on the back allowing you to easily store this on your suitcase while moving through the airport. It’s a very professional looking bag, smart enough for work, casual enough for a weekend away. The LB1406 Inateck laptop shoulder bag is available from Amazon UK:

Is the Inateck LB1406 Laptop Shoulder Bag Suitable for STM Bags “Velocity Blazer” Laptop Sleeve?

Yes, the Inateck LB1406 laptop shoulder bag is suitable for the STM Bags “Velocity Blazer” laptop sleeve. The durable and spacious design of the LB1406 provides ample protection and storage for the Velocity Blazer sleeve. For a more detailed assessment, check out a review of STM Bags Velocity Blazer.

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