Recommended Tools for YouTubers

I’ve been a YouTuber for years and I’ve tried a lot of different tools to help me with my video creation process. Here are my recomendations to help you with your channel.

If you’re already making YouTube videos you probably don’t need a camera recommendation, but for those wondering what I use to make my videos it’s primarily a Canon M50.

It’s important to have a camera that you can afford and that you can carry with you everywhere. The Canon M50 is small and compact and still has all the great features of a larger, bulkier DSLR camera. It provides point and shoot capability because it is so easy to use as well as being able to do manual settings for more advanced photographers.

MY first ‘proper’ camera was a Canon 80D, and I still use it occassionally, but it’s so big and heavy it’s not as easy to get set up qucikly.

The footage quality on the Canon M50 is excellent, and there are a range of lenses you can choose from depending on your needs. The kit lens I received was a 15-45mm lens, which means it can be zoomed in and out, but I’ve since purchased some additional lens to give me options.

GeniusLinks is a must if you plan on promoting products on YouTube, especially if directing viewers to an Amazon product page.

The idea is simple, you set up your account and add your affiliate usernames, in the case of Amazon that means you need to register for all the different country affiliate schemes they have so you end up with a user ID for the UK, USA, Spain etc.

Rather than having to add seperate links to different country product pages in your videos (e.g. buy from the UK via this link and the USA via this other link) you generate a GeniusLink, a single link that detects where in the world the viewer is based and directs them to their local Amazon.

This keeps your description much cleaner and also ensures interested viewers don’t need to scroll through a list of link options, they just click a single link and get taken to the correct store page.

Not only can this increase the amout you make, it also allows you to modify your links without updating your YouTube videos, a massive timesaver if you happen to use the same link across a range of content.

Pricing starts from just $5 a month for up to 2,000 clicks a month. If you get more than 2000 clicks you pay $2 per extra 1000 clicks, I’ve found it easily pays for itself now I’m able to automatically direct traffic to countries I wasn’t previously serving.

You can get a 14-day free trial via my refer a friend link:

I’m a big fan of TubeBuddy, a brilliant toolkit for YouTubers. I use it all the time for A/B thumbnail testing and that feature alone has helped me increase views on videos.

It has a ton of features and tools available, here is a quick rundown of what you need to know:

What is TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is a suite of online tools that helps you optimize videos and manage your YouTube channel. As well as adding new features when visiting the YouTube website it also reduces the amount of time you spend on YouTube tasks via elemination of manual actions you’d normally take.

TubeBuddy has a website interface, browser plugin and mobile app. The plugin adds additional tools and information when browsing YouTube’s website.

What are the tools?

So many tools! You’re able to track ranking, find keywords, conduct A/B testing to identify high performing titles, descriptions, tags or thumbnail image and so much more.

There are basic tools such as a video topic planner that allows you to note down video topic ideas for future creation.

They’ve also released a new suit of tools that analyse your video analytics and provide you with suggestions on which videos you might want to experiment with to improve overall views.

How much does TubeBuddy Cost?

You can get started with TubeBuddy for free if you sign up via my affiliate link: and try the tools out. They very good at supporting new creators and the paid plans come with a range of extra benefits.

I recently wrote a round up of the services available from the Video Creators team (available here). They produce some great content available for free on YouTube and via podcasts, but what if you want a structured approach to improving your channel rather than watching some free videos?

If you’re at the stage where you’ve set up your channel and have started to make videos, but are unsure how to grow the channel further, then I highly recommend the online 30 Days to a Better YouTube Channel course (affiliate link).

The online course provides you with a guide to follow to get your channel in better shape. I’ve been through it several times and tend to return to it once a year to refresh myself and make sure I’ve not drifted from the core principles.

Really easy to follow, simple action steps, highly recommend it.